lrdr 12/5/2012 | 12:37:08 AM
re: Zhone Gets Eluminated for a *long* time. I'd guess just around 100 (maybe 120 with sales guys in other locations).
One building in Oakland is empty, the other has a completely empty floor.
techoriginol 12/5/2012 | 12:37:01 AM
re: Zhone Gets Eluminated You know what will happen. Zhone acquires NEC Eluminant Technologies. The "new employees" get a pep-talk about what a great comany Zhone is. As soon as Zhone legally can, the bulk of the employees will get a "termination" letter and Zhone will boast that they are elpanding their access line. Look what happened to their other product lines. Zhone develops nothing, acquires, and destroys. What a company!

The CEOs at Zhone give new meaning to "axis of evil"

Good luck to you all at Eluminant - you'll need it.
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