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lambdaman 12/4/2012 | 7:25:16 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest What is Zepton really up to, and why have they been able to raise all this cash in the current fiscal climate????? I don't think spinning a great story will fly anymore, so there must be some innovative technology behind the company.

Any insights?

I would point out that founder Jagdeep Singh is incredibly sharp. Say what you will about Drew but I'd work for Jagdeep anytime. I wouldn't bet against him. The Applied Materials and Cypress Semiconductor investments provide an interesting clue as to what Zepton is up to.

hogdog 12/4/2012 | 7:25:15 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest Hogdog's in the house.

Harvey Mudd, please give it a rest! You are driving everyone nuts with your ignorant comments.

Anyone have that new Usher CD?
hogdog 12/4/2012 | 7:25:14 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest Harvey Mudd worked at Pioneer Chicken for three days but continued to mess up everyone's Spicy Rice orders.

Keep your head up Mudd. Del Taco is expanding. They need managers working their Graveyard shift at the new San Jose shop.
w 12/4/2012 | 7:25:13 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest In addition to the applied materials and cypress investments, I think that the other technologists in the company Fred Kish (ex of Agilent) and David Welch (ex of SDL) suggest that zepton might be pursuing a III-V semiconductor materials based component technology. With $84M, maybe they are building their own system using this component or maybe they are just doing a sub-system. However, this is all guesswork. Is there anyone who really knows what they are doing?
8point 12/4/2012 | 7:25:12 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest Jagdeep and Drew were at Onfiber (ds3 -oc3 conversion) providing high speed access. Maybe they came up with an idea (pitched through their vc) to provide the service (compoonent based) in a cheaper fashion, stole the idea and created a new venture. They are in the same building, have the same core investors, etc....

redface 12/4/2012 | 7:25:08 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest VCs like to act in herds. Are we seeing it here? The large number of VC investors seem to suggest that. On the other hand, Zepton's board of directors is literally a "who is who" in silicon valley, with KPCB's Vinod Khosla; Applied Materials' Dan Maydan; Cypress Semiconductor's TJ Rogers (he is listed on Zepton's website), and Juniper's Pradeep Sindhu. The quality of this group of people means it is unlikely that Zepton only has hot air.

With such a unprecedented star cast, Zepton should better be a huge success. Let's wait and see what Zepton has up its sleeve.
Bill Johnson 12/4/2012 | 7:25:06 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest One word....microphotonics. InP will be turning some heads; however, there are a couple of other pre-IPOs that are way ahead of them.
boson3 12/4/2012 | 7:25:03 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest I would point out that founder Jagdeep Singh is incredibly sharp.
Lightera worked out well for Ciena, and I 'm sure JS and CC had everything to do with it. It's tough to see Zepton having a seat at the table if and when the market "turnaround" happens...

And what is this turnaround anyway?

-60% of the publicly traded firms fold or are acquired next year.

-stablized, zero growth revenues for humbled vendors like Alcatel, Nortel, Fujitsu Cisco, Ciena and Marconi.

-outrageously low valuations for acquiring in-process technology that every school kid with a home IC foundry can crank out for the price of a few twinkies.

-ADM nodes being sold on eBay as lawn ornaments.

hogdog 12/4/2012 | 7:24:59 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest Very well thought out 8point.

Do you want to go visit our boy Harvey Mudd at the new Dell Taco today?

I'm very pleased to say, Mudd was hired as a an assistant manager. Store 509 in San Jose.

Have you checked out that new Usher CD?
photons-r-us 12/4/2012 | 7:24:54 PM
re: Zepton Has an $86M War Chest Zeptons has a a very powerful and distinguished management team and financial backers. They understand the nature of the current downturn. They would not start and/or fund anything that is incremental. Look for a powerful company with new ideas and products in the future.
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