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12/5/2012 | 4:04:51 AM
re: Zafirovski Adds Another GE Exec to Nortel
Zafirovski might be barred from poaching Moto folk for now, but surely he'll run out of GE people to hire soon (unless he's planning on taking Nortel into 'white goods'), and ultimately he'll likely fancy bringing in some Motorola buddies.
The exemption period was unspecified, but even if it lasts until this July -- until such time Zafirovski is barred from talking with certain customers Nortel has incommon with Moto -- surely he'll go cherry picking then?
12/5/2012 | 4:04:48 AM
re: Zafirovski Adds Another GE Exec to Nortel
Getting rid of factories and becoming focused on 'services' sounds a lot like Lucent's approach.

Good to cherry pick the best product lines for the future but the question is how do you put an effective solution together when you have a smaller portfolio. At minimum it requires much more extensive partnering which isn't a Nortel strong suit...may be better to do more M&A. Building new products takes forever as Neptune showed.

Fundamentally how does this company displace Cisco at the high end or Huawei at the low-end? Don't see it anytime soon.

12/5/2012 | 4:04:42 AM
re: Zafirovski Adds Another GE Exec to Nortel

I would say that you have hit the nail on the head. The GE guys have been brought in to deal with the business-type operational issues where they may be strong. The real meat will be in the technical positions (eg: CTO, etc.) where GE has no capabilities for mining but MOT is fully stocked... I know that Mike Z. has decided not to pick anyone with a Nortel background, recent or otherwise, for those positions. Given the seriousness and sensitivity of appointments such as CTO for Nortel I would say that he will likely turn to someone he knows from his past.


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