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dfeng89 12/4/2012 | 8:58:38 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP Yes, you'r right. If Zap-&-Fire does not have products to ship, they can ship their VPs and directors. Who will the next, VP engineering, marketing director or engineering directors?
optoinfo 12/4/2012 | 8:58:36 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP Next in line is the VP of Eng. he has been talking
to his buddies at Atoga systems. He is full of shit anyway. He should be the head Ass kisser of Zap&Fire. Thats one of the reasons why one of the directors of S/W left his so much for NMS development.
lightreading 12/4/2012 | 8:58:35 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP chat rooms! you gotta love em! this thread is too funny: ex-employees vs. the Zaffire-faithful.


a) is an ex-employee who was himself asked to leave,

b) forgot to take his happy-pill this morning,

c) badly needs to get laid

d) All of the above

Jimi 12/4/2012 | 8:58:30 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP OptoIDIOT,

Hear this would ya: "LOSING A FRICKING VP IS NOT GOING TO BRING DOWN A COMPANY". You need to get out of management and do some real grunt work to understand that statement. Management is a "side order" to the meal. The technology and the product behind the technology make "the meal". So get off your butt and DO SOMETHING! Meanwhile I hope to have LESS management and more engineers.

You're pathetic OptoIDIOT. GET TO WORK!!!!
optics_nsyder 12/4/2012 | 8:58:09 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP Near or far doesn't really have much business exp. at least not enough to be a CTO and or CEO. he may be ok technically but to be a leader at an A level optical co. you have to bring more to the table than an internship at MRV.
as far as the V.P of engineering goes he is a stiff who makes offer's to engineers and when the candidates return from vacation he cancels the offer and intentionally alters peoples careers,
and lastly they turned down billion dollar buyout offers from a minimum 3 companies as mentioned above. good job near.
Ismail 12/4/2012 | 8:58:06 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP Since I have some friends working for Zaffire, I would like to share some infomation about Zaffire. Zaffire do have a pretty good engineering team and decent optical group. Their optical architecture for metro is very flexible. Due to KP and Juniper as second run investors, lots of engineers moved from Canada (NT) and NJ (Lucent). Indeed, the VP of engineering is poor in technical and management. But at engineering director level, each director is very strong in technical, therefore, lot of thing has already been handled before reach the VP. So I think they are fine for product development..
techinvest 12/4/2012 | 8:58:03 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP I don't think personal attacks on people are appropriate for these type of forms. Eventually slander will catch up with either the posters or Lightreading in court, and I hope the damages will be extremely large. I feel compelled to respond to some of these accusation as I can imagine the people attacked would like some response.
First about Near, he may not have the experience in the field, but he is much more knowledgable than most of the CTO I meet in public and private companies. He is very well liked and respected by some of the CTOs of the top carriers. If you had any connections you could make that call and verify it for yourself. I challange you to find anyone other than a fired employee who would disagree that Near providers a great technology vision for metro networking.
By the way, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that optics_nsyder was let go by the company. Time to go back to your home country(Israel).
Asif changing someones "career path". A real tragedy. Get over it. Its the valley, if you don't like working at one place, the front door is always open. Nothing more pathetic than someone in the valley complaining about their job being unfair.
I don't know Dr. Iqbal personally, but it seems to me that he has delivered on his side of the bargin. I have spoken to several carriers that say the product works and is very interesting. If he has strong people under him that help him, that is a sign of a good manager, not a weak one. Anybody can tell you that you are suppose to hire better people than yourself to work for you. I would judge any VP Engineers on the end result, which in this case seems to be good. In fact I would like to thank Dr. Iqbal for his dedication and hard work to get the product out. From what I understand he is an extremely hard worker.

Your commet about offers from Redback, ONIS, Sycamore don't make any sense. If in fact they did turn down multi-billion dollar offers, then there must be some great stuff in the company, because two of the three of those are direct competitors to Zaffire. Do you think the Zaffire technology is so much better than ONIS or Sycamore that they would need to buy it? On one end you slam the company, its CTO, and VP Eng. and on the other you say its direct competitors are trying to buy them so the technology doesn't get to market. Get a clue or a least some consistency. If Near did turn down a multi-billion offer, that would go against everything I've read for all the other posters, who think this company is for sale. I personally don't know if they want an IPO or an M&A deal.

Finally I will call Dr. Iqbal personally to encourage him to sue either Lightreading or its posters for slander if personal attacks against him continue. There have to be some boundries, and the legal system provides those boundries. I personally don't know how successful Zaffire will be, but it seems to have a fighting chance for the big time. I would have liked to seem more contracts announced by now, but time will tell. Either way I would encourage people to focus on the company and not specific individuals. If you cross the line there may be consequences.

(diclosure: my firm has an indirect holding in Zaffire, as well as many other public and private optical companies. This is why I have this much direct knowledge of the company)
rocket101 12/4/2012 | 8:57:54 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP I agree that personal attacks on people are appropriate for these type of forurms.

Can anybody provide any information on Kestrel Solutions? I know they have received a lot of funding, have a product ready, but no customers as yet. They are going with FWDM instead of DWDM.
jmwincn 12/4/2012 | 8:57:52 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP rocket101 wrote:
>[...]Can anybody provide any information on
>Kestrel Solutions? I know they have received a
>lot of funding, have a product ready, but no
>customers as yet. They are going with FWDM
>instead of DWDM.

i thought it was some kind of FDM. what do you
mean by 'FWDM'?
jmwincn 12/4/2012 | 8:57:52 PM
re: Zaffire Zaps Marketing VP D!!

did i win?
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