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dbostan 12/4/2012 | 11:39:47 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill I had the misfortune of managing an H1B who was the antithesis of your H1B.
He backstabbed me every day. Every morning he was in my boss's office brown-nosing. He manipulated information in his favour, making sure I am the last one to find out about a problem.
And so on...
On the other hand, I had the great pleasure of working with some outstanding H1B. So, the Gaussian distribution applies to H1Bs too...
riverrat 12/4/2012 | 11:39:47 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill Its not good strategy for H1B holders or their supporters to get on this board and make the case that Americans are unqualified, inferior, etc, etc, and responsible for their own unemployment. Fact is, we all have friends who are unemployed, and we know these assertions to be unfounded. All you are going to accomplish with this rhetoric is fanning our flames of passion against you. Every post that insults Americans probably generates a hundred more emails to our congressmen and senators against visas.

No, I'm not their host. But I know who is. Uncle Sam. Admittedly, he doesn't always listen to his constituents, but I believe we may just get his attention on this one. By the way, I don't think visa holders would be considered constituents by Uncle Sam.

Keep up the insulting posts guys.
fhe 12/4/2012 | 11:39:46 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill I absolutely positively think that these H1-Bs and Indians are willing to take these job at 1/10 of the salary.
Fortunecookie 12/4/2012 | 11:39:46 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill <its <br="" board="" for="" get="" good="" h1b="" holders="" not="" on="" or="" strategy="" supporters="" their="" this="" to="">
Do I need a citizenship to post message here? That's news to me.

<and <br="" americans="" are="" case="" etc,="" inferior,="" make="" that="" the="" unqualified,="">
Although not only I disagree most of your opinions, but also I don't like you, I have to tell the truth. The best and brightest scientists and engineers I have worked with are Americans, and they are my also best friends.

<keep guys.<br="" insulting="" posts="" the="" up="">When you are thinking you are insulting other people, in most cases you are just insulting yourself. This is not confussian, but still might be too profund for your little brain to understand.

When I dog barks at me, I typically don't yell back, not twice anyway. So long for me. Have fun here.

Wonder_light 12/4/2012 | 11:39:45 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill It is absolutely true that the US,
Japan, Europe produce far more and better
engineers than other parts of the world,
things are often blow out of proportional
for developing countries. For example,
Japan(not to mention US) has far better
software industry than India, and nobody
notices it, because G7 countries are
supposed to be that way. On manufacturing side,
even after China made much progress,
its manufacturing capability is still just
1/6 of the US or 1/5 of Japan.

So to say India has the best software
engineers is just a wishful thinking,
not reality at all. Without H1B, US
can still dominate.

> I must strongly disagree with your post.
> I worked in defense for years before getting
> a job in telecom. The cutting edge technology
> developed by the defense industry far exceeds
> anything in telecom in terms of complexity.
> You want to guess how many Indians, Chinese,
> or other non-citizens work on these programs.
> ZERO. If Americans are so inept as engineers
> and scientists how is it that we've managed
> to build the worlds preeminent military
> technologies without help?
Wonder_light 12/4/2012 | 11:39:45 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill Are any of the Russina / Chinese / Indian / Israeli spies on H1B visa ?
telebud 12/4/2012 | 11:39:45 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill I live in Atlanta where there is a large Mexican
population.Most are here legally but some are not.
They work in construction jobs earning good money.
American workers could be hired to do those jobs
but is cheaper to hire these Mexican's (some of
which are undocumented). The price range of our
housing development is 150k-250k rang. The house
next to mine has 6 mexican adults living there.
No children that I can tell. 6 vechicals, all
new like a Firebird, fast luxury pickup trucks.
They can afford these because they don't have to
pay a mortgage like me.
Still they may be hard workers and I don't blame
them for being here but surely jobs could of gone
to some American guy out of work first.
heads-up 12/4/2012 | 11:39:44 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill Exactly!!!! Well said!!!!
BobbyMax 12/4/2012 | 11:39:44 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill It took massive effort on the part of the American Medical Association to prevent Indian physicians from practicing in the US. But the ones who came 7-8 years ago are practicing in West Virginia, New Jersey, certain parts of New York, certain areas of Los Angeles and many far off areas. Their training in medicine as well as software and hardware is so meage and below standard that they should not have been to immigrate in mass to the US.

I am told that the Indian Software/Hardware workers (many of them without adequate education) were allowed to enter the US on H1 Visa, another class of Indian workers emerged who were like African slave traders. These slave traders from India were so corrupt that they would literally trade the indian workers and pay very little to these workers. They kept them under their clutches for a period of six-to-seven years,The business became so lucrative that the Indian housewives started to supply these hardware and software slaves keeping almost 50% of the money paid to these workers by the company.

The Idian raders also fabricated the qualifications and experience of these workers. They presented tremendous drain on the resources of the communities they lived in.

The CEOs who approved the hiring of H1 Visa workers and earned a lot of stock options for reducing the payroll are the same group of people who opposed the stock options to be counted as expense.

Lucent which employed H1B Visa workers experienced more difficulties in its development activities.

The US Government is not responsible for taking care of The Indian and Chinese workers. Our own workers are unemployed while there is a job boom in India because of te transfer of US jobs to India and China. The action of our CEOs is cowardly and selfish.

A law suite against Sun Micro Systems is pending in the US District court for retaining HIB visa workers while laying off the workers who wre UIS Citizen> Some of the offending companies are: Sun, Cisco, Motorola, H-P, National Semiconductor, Oracle. Nortel and many other companies.

Alkl all HiB Visa workers were hired on a false pretext and lying to the Federal authorities.

downreading 12/4/2012 | 11:39:43 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill LightReading editors must suspend Bobby's posting privileges for making preposterous allegations full of racist remarks that are never even close to the topic on hand.
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