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Fortunecookie 12/4/2012 | 11:40:52 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill I care less for those who advocate that we should go back to our home country. What a joke! Right now, this is my home! Period. Don't tell me that "we don't need you" stuff. It is meaningless. All I know is that if one person, such as my employer, needs me, then the U.S. needs me. As long as INS gives me the visa, that means the U.S. government wants to stay. You can cry all day long, that ain't change anything. Your individual opinion does not reflect the U.S..

I have the right to choose where I want to stay, as long as it is legal. (I actually am not against illegal Mexicans. They are making their livings by their hands.).

Don't complain the cheap H1-B labors. That's just a lame excuse. Why don't you admit that you lost to a better group. There might be some underpaid H1-Bs, but most of H1-Bs keep their jobs by their talents. When you complain about H1-B cheap labors, ask yourself weather you have really seen one? I am sure some will answer yes, but I also believe most of you are just speculating.

Don't complain that some very talented American have lost their jobs. Yes, It happens, but I am sure there are more qualified H1-Bs got laid off too.

Don't just blindly target scapegoat. There are more serious crimes in this country. Who created the bubble and benefited from it? Those Wall Street bastards and blood sucking CEOs. Who caused the collapse of Enron, Anderson, Tyco, Xerox, Lucent? None of them has been held accountable yet. Don't blame H1-Bs, at least they are making honest money.

BobbyMax 12/4/2012 | 11:40:51 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill The HIB Visa practice have caused tremendous damage to our country, our community, and our school system and above all to our culture. The most serious damage was caused and is being caused by the Indian H1B visa holders. More than ten of these guys live or lived in a two-bedroom apartment under very filthy conditions. Where they live it is very find parking space for other dwellers causing trwemendous tension in the community. The stinking smell from spices is so bad that other people are forced to leave the dwelling.

What the Indian H1B visa people have done would be hard to match by H1B workers from any other country. Usually the Indian HI-B visa folks enter the US by themselves. But by the end of four-months or so they bring their wives and those who are not married marry the offspringGÇÖs of other Indians already in the US or go back to India to get married through arranged marriages. By the time of leaving the US, they have produced a minimum 3-4 children who are US citizens by birth. This allows the H1B parents to re-enter the US after the child attains the age of 18. These re-entering Indians take the job away from Americans. So after 18 years, we will see 6 people entering the US for every H1B visa worker. Besides 6 people, their grand parents also enter the US as they can be immediately put on the social security assistance (SSI) that approximately pays $1,200 tax free per parent The immigration chain does not end here, After these 3-4 children get married, the husband and wife sponsors their brothers and sisters. This chain continue till eternity. In fact, I know one Indian family. They have sponsored over 70 people from India. The US Immigration and Naturalization Service does not have any idea as to why the population of the US is swelling so fast. A bill in the House of Representatives will only solve this problem. and save our country from total ruin. Our jobs, our schools, our universities and our neighborhood from permanent decay.

Some of the largest employers of Indians are: Cisco, Motorola, Sun Micro Systems, and Intel. Lucent, AT&T, and many start-ups started by Indian VCs and entrepreauners. It is worth mentioning that one Indian lady with a MA degree in one of the Indian native languages became a software engineer in one of these companies. I am reminded of the excesses of IBM, which used hire musicians as code writers claiming they are good in writing code. This is a frivolous reasoning.
Some of the Indian engineers (not actually engineers) got some six months training in UNIX but upon arriving here in the US became software engineers . Lucent paid over 4.5 Billion dollars to a Indian Company, Nexabit. But this company was not worth anything. There are over two-dozen examples of swindling.

A large number of Indians have been coming to the US since early 80s. Now you can project their number quickly by taking into account all the factors described.

I have pointed out in my previous postings how the immigrants have cheated the native US companies by offloading their companies to the unsuspecting US companies.

The CEOs have companies authorize these H1B visa hiring as they claim they have saved this much money for the company and claim this saving as cash bonus or stock option. The average US engineer does not know what is going around him/her as they donGÇÖt care and are not reading newspapers or watching news. This ignorance will eat us all alive some day.

Krazykat 12/4/2012 | 11:40:49 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill The H1-B program has caused tremendous economic damage to the working class citizens of our country. Along with free-trade agreements that aren't fair, off-shore outsourcing, etc, etc.

But the merits of the H1-B program should be argued based only on "economic" value. You say that the "the stinking smell from spices is so bad that other people are forced to leave the dwelling". The same observation could have been said of Irish immigrants at the turn of the 19th century. Bobby, what ethnicity are you?

H1-B's have very American values: they work and make money for their families. Nothing wrong with that?

You are right though that "the average US engineer does not know what is going on around him". The H1-B program is really about economic policy and once again the American worker is getting the short end of the stick.

Corporations benefit greatly from low-cost labor. They have seen the future of economic growth and it is in South Asia. Not America. Manufacturing will continue to decline in America over the long-term. Unless you are a part of the wealth-class (are you happy with the tax-dividend cut and plan to vote for George Bush again?) it could be a rough-ride.

What worries me now is that even "soft" manufacturing jobs: IT, software services, hardware design, etc,... are being outsourced overseas.

When George Bush says that his tax cuts will generated two million new jobs he doesn't say in what country? Unfortunately, his tax cut will create more new jobs in China then in the U.S. The trade deficit is killing us. I bought a watch the other day. stamped on the back face was "Designed in California,U.S.A. China".

lorent 12/4/2012 | 11:40:48 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill I notice that a lot of comments seem to lump the H1-B issues along with the outsourcing of jobs to other countries. They're pretty different issues.

The H1B's were brought in for one reason only - to create wealth. And most came for one reason only - to get wealthy. In both cases, some did, some didn't. Mostly the buried themselves in the work and trusted that someone would ultimately consume the end result. The tech bust is simple economics -- nobody was consuming the production. Prices fell, companies failed but it seems foolhardy to blame the imported worker. Are H1B's a good thing because they helped create Microsoft or are they bad because they lead to a thousand "me too" companies? I dunno? I suspect there's a PhD to be earned if you can answer that question. But don't blame the horse for what the farmer planted.

The outsourcing issue is a global one that is here to stay. After the WTO forced India to undertake a very, very painful restructuring -- including hundreds of thousands lost jobs -- how can you be so hypocritical as to deny the free flow of goods and services? McDonalds, Starbucks, Marlboro all benefit from international trade. I hear what your saying about wanting to protect your job. Ultimately most people only concerned with their own welfare. But US policy can't really focus on your piddly little job. Unless you're willing to forsake international markets the US has to take the good with the bad. (I acknowledge that it's still easier to be a well fed hypocrite than an unemployed engineer on the moral highground).

I find it interesting that instead of thinking that you can compete head-to-head with Israel, China, India, Taiwan, etc. so many are taking the attitude of "I'll just tell my kid to become another lawyer...". Screw that! How does that add to America's bottom line?
yea_right 12/4/2012 | 11:40:48 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill BobbyMax,
Why dont you PROUDLY tell us of your ethnic background ? Trust me, I will tell you some interesting facts about your "culture" that would make a great thread.
By the way, I understand your concerns. I am sure Native Indians must have felt the same way when some "aliens" came to live in their land.
Grow up BobbyMax ... Try to get a job and stop whining.
BobbyMax 12/4/2012 | 11:40:47 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill Traditionally the job at filling stations used to be occupied by Americans, But now these jobs have been lost to the East Indians. A single immigration from India to the US leads to 30-40 sponsored persons from India. As soon as these people get their green cards/citizenshi, they individually start their own sponsorship. Except fo the Malthus of poulation growth. I do not know how to chracterize the growth of Indian population in the US. A restriction on sponsorship has to be placed in order to control their population. You see them driving taxi at the airports. Some of these Indians cannot even the English language and their personal huygene is very poor. Their driving behavior is also very poor and discourteous.

Europeans started coming to the US from the beginning of 16th century. The American Indians have been absorbed by the US economy. The migration of Europeans to the US cannot be compared to that of Indians and other tricks they use to import Indians. Our population is close 285 million and we cannot afford to import Indians on H1B. WE have run out of resources. Some 70 million of our own people are unemployed.
The immigration has to be stopped and all HIB visa holders should be asked to leave in the next two months.

The CEOs essentially lie whenever they import people. I must assure all of you that there are plent of Americans to fill jobs at every level.

I must also point out that about 29% productivityis lost whenever foreign workers and employed and the quality of the product also goes down considerablr causing huge expenses to be incurred on hardware and software. The companies that have moved their less important work to India do not benefit at all. There is nothing earth shaking from India.

Our graduates are huge debt after they get out of school. But the Indians coming here have no loan obligations. The Indian universities do not teach any better than the US Colleges and Universities. We have done outstanding job across all disciplines for over a century and we would continue with those great traditions.

Please write or phone your Senator or congressman so this insanity of importing HIB visa workers from India is stopped. Do we want to starve are own people?
Iipoed 12/4/2012 | 11:40:45 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill Get a life. There is more to this world and this board than Bobby Max critiques. By the way when have you ever noticed BM responding back in the negative to those that waste their energy belittling him.
Move beyond it already.
MD5 12/4/2012 | 11:40:43 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill
I am from India on H1B. People like BobbyMax are just pathetic. I make very good money and I love the US. Yes, its not "my" country. For me, neither is India. I was just born there. If US were not such a good place, then the smart people from here would have looked to migrate to other countries that had better oppurtunities.

I dont believe in patriotism, so I dont see any reason to go back and serve "my" country ! If Australia gives me a better life, I will go there.

I know I am smart, productive, hard-working and I am confident. Thats why I dont whine.
People like BoobyMax are just sore losers.

AmericanIndian 12/4/2012 | 11:40:42 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill
BobbyMax, How many American Indians or African
Americans have you seen around you in a hi-tech
If by absorbed you mean letting them work in
Casinos in certain restrictred areas, go get a
job at McDonalds and consider yourself absorbed

By the way, did your parents ask your grand-parents to go back to some beat up country in europe and work for queen just because they werent US citizens?
If I understand history right, they must have come loaded in a stinking ship with no H-1s issued to them by any American consulate. And then landed in NewYork like escaping cubans do in Florida. At least cubans have a good reason
to run from the political suppression.

Get a life and learn to compete. Open market
cannot be one way. If those "3rd world" countries
stop buying american coke and hi-tech gear, you wouldn't have had this job in the first place and you would not have been complaining.

One more thing - manufacturing jobs are the one which have been hurt most. I don't recall seeing H-1Bs in that area. How do you explain that?

If you send the H-1Bs folks back to their country, they will take all the work offshore along with them, now that they know how US economy works. So not only would you lose your job, you will lose it for good.
Huawei and Infosys are the biggest examples of this.

So now think again - do you really want them go back or would you rather use their talent to make a stronger company here in US.
MD5 12/4/2012 | 11:40:42 PM
re: Workers Oppose H-1B Bill
I am on H1B and I am an Indian. I got laid off along with many other Indians and Americans - most of them, very good people. Finding another job was very hard as most places refused to even look at my resume because I need H1 sponsorship. I had just 2 months to find another job or leave the country. No unemployment benefits. Cant go work at Home Depot (legally).

I found a job in 3 weeks, got a 15% raise and I am all set.

How ? Hundreds of resumes and diligence.

My point is, if you are really good at what you do, some one will want you and will be willing to pay more for you. Thats why this is a great country.

If you are born here, you are just so damn lucky. Make use of it.

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