jacksullivan66 12/4/2012 | 11:58:39 PM
re: WLAN: The Four S's Saw an article in a competing online rag (http://www.commsdesign.com/new... about how differing camps within the 802.11e TG are unwilling to give in, and as a result, have created a "stalemate" - and that two competing QoS technical solution will emerge as a result!

Hey unstrung gang - what's the word as you hear it? Dying to know. If this is true, and holds, the .11 mess will get even messier.

Anybody up for a CE / home networking / WPAN solution based on one, common UWB standard instead? I'll bet you the CE and home networking crowd are wondering about exactly this question?

IPobserver 12/4/2012 | 11:58:33 PM
re: WLAN: The Four S's Not sure about .11e, but the UWBers are also in conflict.

Some folks involved in that process are now saying that two, or even three, UWB standards good emerge... much like a,b or g.
jacksullivan66 12/4/2012 | 11:58:31 PM
re: WLAN: The Four S's Now come on, Gabriel. Don't leave me hanging like that.... What have you heard, specifically? Let's have it... ;)

I track that 15.3 Alt PHY group fairly closely, and know there are several camps pushing seperate technical visions. But everything I've heard (including public qoutes from both sides) suggests that one standard will emerge - despite the divisions. It appears all parties are well aware of what's at stake.

We can only hope they don't make the same mistakes that are beginning to plague the .11 camp (.11g is actually slower than .11b in heterogenous environments?, and .11e has turned the idea of one common QoS standard into a maybe)... These two decisions alone could begin to derail the momentum of 802.11 - especially for VoWLAN, multi-media, and enterprise applications... If I were an OEM, I'd definitely be getting frustrated...

IPobserver 12/4/2012 | 11:58:30 PM
re: WLAN: The Four S's Well to be clear, I'm not saying its going to split, but I have on-the-record quotes from a leading developer that this is what they're now expecting.

I need to write this up properly, but it shouldn't be too tricky to work out who's saying this... just think who's claiming working product and therefore can't afford to wait around for the standard.

On a general point, all these standards folk are so good at politicking, they should be running for president.

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