lrmobile_millomar 12/5/2012 | 3:37:54 AM
re: WiMax Interference on the Radar Basestation antennas with adjustable beams have been available in the cellphone space for quite some time. That they are now available for WiMax is hardly big news.

Before they went under in 2003 Metawave Communications Corp had high hopes for their "cell sculpting" technology. It appears very similar to what is being discussed here.

If you are interested in the technology then have a look at what Quintel and TenXC are doing.

Of course the very widely used remote electrical tilt technology is a method for "pulling in the footprint of the antennas." And then PCTel had a mechanically steerable antenna at 3GSM this year.

Reading the press release on the "Stella Netamorphic Antenna" was most enlighting. "This gives consumers equal signal strength no matter how far they are from the cell base station." So when I get to the cell edge it just shuts down? That would solve the interference problem for sure. Or do I only need one basestation to cover an infinite area? I expect that they will release a perpetual motion machine next week.
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