standardsarefun 12/5/2012 | 1:59:13 AM
re: WiMax Gets 'Smart' I don't blame anyone trying to re-enter the 802.16 market since it seems to be the only IEEE 802 based route that is currently going to let you get into a standards based broadband wireless access business this side of about 2010!

802.20 looked hot last year but then too many idealistic "use my techno" guys ran square into a whole heap of players who wants a single real standard. Ever since then nothing seems to be going right in that group.

Only time I ever saw a purely "one company solution" making it into open standards and then into real market success was qualcomm but those guys at least had a few clever people on board, knew something about marketing and luckily arrived at a time when the rest of the USA industry was ignoring the only real show that was capable of flying (GSM).
jevavi3 12/5/2012 | 1:54:26 AM
re: WiMax Gets 'Smart' Can someone explain to me the infrastructure requirements that providers of WiMAX services will be need to build before services can be offered. For example will they need to install equipment on existing towers, buildings, etc. and will they be able to install equipment in exisiting BTS Units at existing cell sites or will they need to install separate equipment?

Just trying to understand the needs of potential providers of this technology.

Thanks - JB
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