ricksayegh 3/21/2020 | 7:36:14 AM
re: WiFi Health Risks Hi, This Is Dr. Rick Sayegh. This is a very good article regarding issues of health due to wifi and how wifi destroying our health. Nowadays wifi has become part of our lives. Especially our child it seems like cant lives without wifi. Now, this is our duty that how we can keep a balance between using and not using of wifi.


IPobserver 12/5/2012 | 3:33:51 AM
re: WiFi Health Risks Nice to get your take on emissions, Dan. euww.
lrmobile_GTHill 12/5/2012 | 3:33:51 AM
re: WiFi Health Risks First off, the FCC EIRP limits are 4 Watts, not 1 Watt.

That aside, I have seen many Wi-Fi installations that had an EIRP of up to 80 Watts. Most microwaves that don't leak nearly that much power.

My point is that I agree with the article given the FCC limits. However, it is very easy to exceed the limits to the point where it is almost certainly unhealthy.

The real problem is a lack of education. With a one watt amplifier and a nice big antenna, an installer can exceed 100 Watts and look like a hero for only using one AP to cover a large area.

RF Math baby!
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