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signmeup 12/4/2012 | 9:09:43 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR It appears that luminous guy has an inferiority complex... Must be the result of losing so many opportunities to Nortel and Cisco.

FACT: Luminous's version of RPR is INCOMPATIBLE with existing SONET ADM's making it a requirement that carriers deploy an end-to-end luminous RPR solution. Nortel allows you to use RPR at the edge and transport it across a service providers "legacy" SONET infrastructure. Cisco introduced DPT to help ISPs that didn't have a SONET infrastructure deploy a resilient transport medium.

Ringed? point is a valid one - and by your reaction you just proved it was correct; luminous is caught between a rock and a hard spot (NT & Cisco), and the partnership with SA just proves it - SA can't make data transport equipment and luminous can't break into the MSO space on its RPR merits alone.

Prove to me that the luminous solution is better than Nortels! Let's say that I am a carrier that has been buying NT SONET gear for years - how are you going to sell luminous into that environment?

Let's take MSO's - I am already using CSCO CMTS gear for distribution and CSCO catalyst switches for GE transport for VoD.... Again, how do you plan on selling into that space?

As far as interoperability goes, I have not heard of any real interoperability between vendors as of yet... Eventually it will happen, and even CSCO will have to follow suite.

A piece of advice for you, luminous guy - no one likes a bitter loser who posts garbage without substance. The reality is that there are MUCH better RPR choices out there other than luminous being manufactured by vendors who have MUCH more credibility.

BobbyMax 12/4/2012 | 9:09:41 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR Some vendors who do not have alternate technology and products continue to promote RPR. About 2-3 vendors (Lantern, Luminous, Cypress, etc.) have been promoting RPR. But it did not have much influence on the carriers. Carriers will continue to use SONET/SDH and any thought of using RPR over SONET/SDH by public carriers is unrealistic.
hyperunner 12/4/2012 | 9:09:40 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR Digerato,

Sprint may have used Cisco DPT in their network for years, but they can't have used RPR. It isn't really standardised yet.

andropat 12/4/2012 | 9:09:35 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR cisco didn't develop dpt for any other reason besides making up for lack of sonet densities in their 1st gen routing products. they also had a buggy mpls implementation that is a nightmare to configure. the reality has always been that a l3 ring of p2ps is more scalable, gives more visibility to traffic flows, easier to Traffic engineer, allows incremental b/w upgrades on the ring, better cos, and will support l2/l3 vpns much easier. no ring is ever greater than a dozen devices so mpls meshes are no issue. my .02 cents.
Kevin Mitchell 12/4/2012 | 9:09:34 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR Not unlike CEOs or Marketing VPs or stock option rich CTOs or politicians.

Joe said: "Analists don't have to explain anything. Keep revising your numbers, make predictions that don't come true and keep pumping out press release quotes just to see your name in lights."

tsat 12/4/2012 | 9:09:30 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR Are other vendors making Cisco-compatible
RPR framer chips?

vinay 12/4/2012 | 9:09:30 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR Carriers planning to use plain vanilla SONET/SDH may also not be able to provide new services and take advantage of packet switched network architectures. I don't have to go into the inherent advantages of packet switched technologies to prove my point.

RPR provides a MAC architecture which is PHY agnostic. RPR addresses the needs of both SONET/SDH based and greenfield operators.

Vinay Bannai
Ringed? 12/4/2012 | 9:08:48 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR Luminous Guy,

You appear to have a knack for re-stating the obvious.

I merely illuminated (pardon the pun) your companyGÇÖs three main problems as I see it. You cannot argue the issues that confront Luminous. Luminous is a startup, with an expensive architecture, and you lack carrier class transport. Other than that you're fine.

I cited Nortel and Cisco only as an example to prove my point, which drew a comparison, illuminating (pardon the pun) the shortcoming of the incumbents' solution. I don't work for either company.

My summation of Luminous was spot on. Additionally I will state that Luminous and RPR are caught in crossfire between big equipment vendors and the standards bodies in a hideous market that is super CAPEX sensitive. Deny that!

Fight the fight, but realize where you stand.

Consultant 12/4/2012 | 9:08:30 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR What planet are you from? One sale of undetermined sale and RPR is booming? Please work in PR.

RPR is a forklift upgrade for the legacy carriers that dominate the industry. You can bet RPR will be limited to greenfield projects.
mjm_III 12/4/2012 | 9:07:53 PM
re: Who Knew? Big Carriers Like RPR It wasn't only Infonetics, take a look at the Webinar back in August on RPR (off of Light Reading). See Slide 8, When the moderator took a poll on the following question; when will ILECs rollout RPR... the audience came back with 40.6% in 3 years and 30.2% in 2 years.

The presenters also concurred (Ciena Corporation, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, and LuxN). I was most surprised with Cisco's response. I thought for certain they had a better finger on the pulse.
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