suvan 12/5/2012 | 2:01:54 AM
re: Where’s My 3G, Man? Although the Isle of Man is situated in the heart of the British Isles, it is an internally self-governing dependent territory that is not part of the United Kingdom or, increasingly important, the European Union.

Thus it is not subject to the laws and diktats of London, unless it so chooses, or any nonsense from Brussels in relation to, amongst other things:

Banking; and,

It is therefore an offshore haven for those for whom legislation could be considered to be a business encumbrance.

In short, a significant proportion of the 75000 or so who live there, more so those who visit on business perhaps are the 'high rollers' with, in theory, most to gain from access to 3G.

standardsarefun 12/5/2012 | 1:59:13 AM
re: Where’s My 3G, Man? Problem was the trial was so early in terms of stability of the 3GPP release 99 specs that all the terminals and network probably had to be junked to avoid anyone roaming from Isle of Man into a real 3G network.

Next step (in 5 years time?) will be some other vendor's gear being installed on the island...
lrmobile_justin 12/5/2012 | 1:58:47 AM
re: Where’s My 3G, Man? Sounds about right. mmO2 admit that the NEC/Siemens trial kit is now outdated and is of little use elsewhere. The scrapyard beckons.

Nokia and Nortel kit is expected to be deployed on the island later this year in time for a H1 2005 commercial launch.

Unstrung Justin

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