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12/5/2012 | 5:25:38 PM
re: Where VMware Is Outdoing Cisco

There has always been romours about Cisco aquiring EMC.. And Chambers and Tucci both deniying this in the past...Now that vmWare is making a move to virtualize the network, whats the chances the Cisco will try a rather big transformation by trying to aquire EMC (for the vmware part at least) ???

Or is it too big for Cisco who has managed aquistions well in the past ??


Pete Baldwin
Pete Baldwin
12/5/2012 | 5:25:37 PM
re: Where VMware Is Outdoing Cisco

Excellent point, Jes. Personally, I think EMC wouldn't want to be bought at this point; they seem to have the upper hand. And Cisco is favoring offshore acquisitions, to keep rubbing the government's nose in the repatriation issue.

I like this blog entry that Brad Casemore did in December -- recounting how Cisco should have bought VMware in the first place:


Pete Baldwin
Pete Baldwin
12/5/2012 | 5:25:36 PM
re: Where VMware Is Outdoing Cisco

You know what, buying Xsigo might be an option.


12/5/2012 | 5:25:32 PM
re: Where VMware Is Outdoing Cisco

There is NO WAY Cisco can acquire EMC: CSCO's market cap is "only" $85B, while EMC's is $55B. In fact, if you take the companies' cash hordes ($48B for CSCO, $5.5B for EMC) out of their market caps, EMC's stock is valued HIGHER than CSCO!

These companies are on a collision course.

Don't believe the BS about Insieme being about "SDN", that's a smoke screen. They're building the next-gen Nexus 7000 (or maybe they'll call it the Nexus 8000? 9000?), and probably have some sort of storage angle. Andiamo and Nuova were two earlier attempts at integrating storage and networking (and eventually compute, in the case of Nuova) to various degrees, maybe the third time is a charm and they actually integrate the back-end storage arrays.

So EMC is probably positioning itself to get deeper into networking. The question is whether they try to compete head-to-head with traditional box vendors (they'd probably have to acquire a switch vendor), or whether they hope to just "move beyond the hardware era with SDN" (i.e., Nicira).

12/5/2012 | 5:25:31 PM
re: Where VMware Is Outdoing Cisco

The winner will be the company that takes the innovation to the services, rather than software (virtualization etc) or hardware, market.

The service provider with defendable differentiator in producing network services will be able address the largest market - with a right business model also with high profit margin and capital efficiency.

The innovation however needs to reach down to the hardware layer, to allow cross-layer architectural optimization, and thereby breaking free from the limits of legacy concepts eg for service configuration and software/hardware layering that are relics from the era of when SPs bought closed systems from equipment vendors/ISVs and services where configured for relatively static use cases.

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