sofswitch 12/4/2012 | 10:41:37 PM
re: Where Is VOIP? Talking about confidence, there are companies like Nexverse Networks that have the only cass 4 deployed softswitch with commendable performance
taking as many as 6 million minutes at the datavon site comprising traffic from worldcom, qwest etc. I differ what Kevin Mitchell opines; even though established circuit based deployments offer an existing platform for Nortel and their kinds, they have to prove their worth ; there are more small players in this space which are outdoing giants, which are usually overlooked santera, syndeo, unisphere etal.
ram1403e 12/4/2012 | 10:41:24 PM
re: Where Is VOIP? I agree, Nexverse has the product which is truly multi-vendor open, distributed softswitch platform. Nexverse softswitch delivers breadth of features which took decades for the big giants to built in. Big vendors had initial success because of their half-gen solutions which works in tandem with their existing switches.

Kevin Mitchell 12/4/2012 | 10:41:19 PM
re: Where Is VOIP? OK, so what about customers and revenues? No (or very few) new comer is powerful. Small, yes, but not powerful. Softswitches and new telephony products in PowerPoint looks fantastic and unbeatable. This market is just getting started, so no vendor has an unassailable position at this point, but some have an inherent advantage. Some small upstarts may get bought and even fewer may be succesful, but all the legacy voice players realize that packet voice is the future.
MP_UK 12/4/2012 | 10:41:03 PM
re: Where Is VOIP? I've seen it pointed out that many of the large incumbents are not _yet_ interested in VoIP - the logic being that they all ready have a working voice network, and introducing a cheaper (and maybe less reliable,) service would be like shooting themselves in the foot.

Are the current VoIP platforms based on end-to-end IP for national / international calls over the internet? Or are they IP voice gateways that convert from packet to V5.2 / SS7 interfaces?

I'm confident this technology makes sense - not sure when I expect to see lots of it deployed though...
mespinoz 12/4/2012 | 10:39:37 PM
re: Where Is VOIP? This document don-¦t tell us that solutions over H.323 and SIP aren-¦t scalable for SP services.
MPLS is a great advance in QoS over IP, but many VoIP platforms are using voice specific data networks only for international calls.

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