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ron202 12/5/2012 | 3:55:49 AM
re: W Does Cisco and are north of $1,100/second in oil profits rational while global warming has been eluted to being the cause of the Katrina and "friends"...with more to come so it is said...and the movement is "open more oil reserves and we will lower prices"...say no and we will gouge you...again/still

Seems to me that W Bush is doing a lot for envinronment. How many times in the past did you see sales of gasoline effcient card increasing like in the last months ? And sales SUVs decresing? If the gasoline will hit say $10/gallon then a lot of things will change for the good as far as the envinronment.
qaman1 12/5/2012 | 3:55:47 AM
re: W Does Cisco Flame on...

Why are you worried...???

Current (and not too much in the past) business practices) have things well in hand. Just ask Google who was able to get the copyrighted source code from the power house website AltaVista when Compaq bought them with DEC and the Compaq (READ TEXAS "folks") came to those "people in Silicon Valley, Calif" to teach them good business. They/Compaq put the source code on the web (which Google used to greatly enhance their search engine which was #2 at that point in relation to AltaVista) and were going to make AltaVista the power house on the web with advertising and NO technology...fluff only ...a super service industry thing. When asked why didnt they ask engineering if it was a good idea, the response was "wait til your stock triples, then you will realize the wisdom of our plans"...

Why worry about the environment? Ask Arnie if serving special interests instead of shoring up the levies in the San Joaquin Valley (Merced) is a good thing. After all, California ONLY feeds over 60% of the US and generates multi-billons of dollars in revenue but its not flashy...its not Hollywood... its just what sustains life.

Why worry about Katrina and "friends"? Ask W why there is a movement to disband FEMA (I agree, its deck chair shuffling instead of getting the job done but the fact legislaters are making the move means there is enough public sentiment against the current "good business practices" of Katrina "recovery" to even mention it.

Environment...hey W, George H.W. Bush, and Cheney are into rebuilding the "environment" another "small" thing called Haliburton. I think I read at one time that H.W. Bush and Cheneys fathers started Haliburton which gives both families incentive (read a lot of founders stock in family blind trusts) to shift work towards Haliburton. If you look back at H.W.s administration, who was his Secty of Defense? What parts of the military were "loosing money" and it was a "better business decision" to shift those duties (e.g., construction, which does not have any pumped up profits and has nothing to do with the Katrina recovery or the re-building or Iraq or Afganistan or... and supply, which is not really a vital part of the military infrastructure). W is "rebuilding" the environment. Ask the people of the Gulf Coast how its going....the money has been spent already, profits recorded, what more do you want???

Instead of having military construction and supply divisions and commands, the current administration has made a mandate to replace as many of the military positions with two business positions as possible to enhance the fast reaction aspects of the "new military". Now think back to how many bases (and local economys) have been shut down or severly impacted. How much has big business profits increased since 2000 (gee, a significant year wasnt it).

Lets look at business; things have been right, havent they (e.g., Enron raping California and putting them into a deficit..which was good business according to Skilling during his testimony...and which Arnie took 2 million dollars from the already depleated educational system to help business recover which he wont replace...).

One more note on the military. Since the DoD bills [read, divert funds to pay for the construction and supply needs of the military] have made it hard/impossible to house and pay new recruits, we dont have troops to replace-relieve the troops on the ground fighting. With this said, it is not for or against the war. Just giving the "hairy legged GI" a break so he/she can go home and see his/her family and not be constantly deployed. Its another way of saying we dont have the resources because they are going to line someones pocket...

Flame off...
qaman1 12/5/2012 | 3:55:46 AM
re: W Does Cisco I agree that finding good talent is hard to do and that working long hours is boring and that if you dont have a love for engineering, get out and that over 40 engineers "are dead" and ineffective.

Let me give you another side. Bill Hewlett was still "on a bench" (had a bench set up to work on an idea at a site) when he was over 60 and with Dave Packard still in technical meetings in late 60s to early 70s. Ester Dysan (look up the name Dysan in Silicon Valley history) is still active as a technical advisor. There are hundreds of engineers with "grey hair" in military-defense related industries that are there because they remember how to do things and advise/lead many key engineering teams that build ground based and airborn networks of various flavors.

One minor problem with H1Bs is that they are NOT eligible for these jobs. They cant get a security clearance; a hassle but necessary evil to develop all those shock and awe products that you saw during the first part of the current war. Why do that??? Does the date September 11, 2001 mean anything to you native born Americans? And does Irans defiance that if the US tries to stop them from getting nuclear power, they will strike back where ever....or does bombing a local Starbucks cause its close to the "brain trust" bother you/ring any bells????

Im working in defense currently. The networks I currently work on cant fail cause when you have a missile locked on the product Im working on, and the defense systems hickup, it does bad things to the people in that product. But yours are more sexy and you can call IT and the trouble ticket will be taken care of ...or you will get back to them when you finish lunch...or...right?

My question is this; does anybody care that the greed of the MBAs, etc. has seriously hurt the basic infrastructure of the US to the point that we may not have or foster enough native born, intelligent, dedicated engineers in our seriously damaged by greed and ineptness politicians educational systems to pull us out of the mess we are currently experiencing?

Or is it a situation that we are so complacent and interested in the next song we will rip or mocha we will sip or .... that we cant get off our preverbial butts and fight back to encourage white, black, green, yellow, brown, pink, poka dotted, stripped, male or female or what ever passionate new native born scientists and engineers to reach out...and maybe help our children and grandchildren defend this American Dream our forefathers gave us?

If you are that complacent, drive or walk by ground zero in lower Manhatten. Feel the pain and know what it takes to defend. Thank God that there are "dumb GIs" (and Im proud to say I wore Air Force Blue and now carry a disablity that is not looked down on in the defense industry) that will fight for your mochas...enjoy it...you deserve it.....
whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 3:55:45 AM
re: W Does Cisco "I agree that finding good talent is hard to do and that working long hours is boring and that if you dont have a love for engineering, get out and that over 40 engineers "are dead" and ineffective."

Rest assured a few of us "oldies" can still punch the young pups around technically and screw their girlfriends.

The best part is they both thank us afterwards!

whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 3:55:42 AM
re: W Does Cisco One? One! I thought your would be thanking me with a five!

If you think about it, you really should be pleased. See, like it or not, you are getting older. The best things that can happen are you get wiser and more attractive to the opposite sex. It's the Alpha male Silver back-thing. Wolves, Gorillas, Trump, Hefner. It's deeply genetic, deeply cultural.

And yes my young pup, it can be your future. In the mean time, lick my chops and be a Beta.

Mark Seery 12/5/2012 | 3:55:38 AM
re: W Does Cisco "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong."
H. L. Mencken

In times of stress it is comforting to appeal to the suffering majority with a simple message about who is to blame.

"You gather a group of middle-aged, middle-class, middle-income voters who remember with longing an easier time, and you talk to them about....You scream about patriotism and you tell them ...to blame for their lot in life,...
" The American President

When those words were written, they were an attack on how family values were used as a wedge issue, but the same tactic of course can be used to make anything a wedge issue.

In the recession of the early 1990's we blamed the Japanese for what was happening. On this very message board two years ago, over this same subject, people explicitly called out Indians as the blame. Two years later we have moved to simply a generic blame of international workers whether they be domestic or abroad. During the boom, the quota for H-1Bs had been over inflated just like every thing else in the economy, but two years ago it was re-adjusted. I don't have any problem with people who want to talk calmy about rational process adjustments we can make, but we should not confuse this with the idea that there is one simple answer to all the problems we face.

This week we heard the Fed chair, say that for every dollar we reduce of the budget deficit, we will reduce only 20 to 30 cents of the trade deficit. So we need to reduce the budget deficit for any number of good reasons, but once again we should not be under some illusion that there is any one simple answer to all the current account deficit issues - there are many, not the least of which is the number of people who want to invest in America, because they think America is such a good investment - and they are right (of course an inflation generating weaker U.S. currency might help disabuse them of that notion).

America has a quality workforce, that has access to productivity driving capital, tools, resources, and organization. It is a good investment. We have to continue to keep it a good investment by encouraging the best talent from around the world to come here, by encouraging "native born" Americans to work hard, and seek education in a range of activities, including engineering, including business management, including economics, including political science, including......we have to keep finding ways to do primary research as well, by whatever is the best means to do so. You don't grow a complex society, with a single dimensional approach.

There has been an economic recovery, but there was a lot of excess to ring from the economy and the recovery has not lined the pockets of the average person for a variety of reasons. During the bust, there had been too much investment in capacity, so more was not alone going to bring about recovery. We ended up in deficit spending partly to help recovery, partly because of lack of congressional/presidential discipline, and also because of an expensive war.

This week, the Fed chair stated it is time to start being data driven again. This in my opinion means, the excesses of the boom are flushed, and we can now start using monetary and fiscal policy as we normally would do so - in my opinion it took five years to recovery from a once in a generation speculative boom. This is good news. We can move away from growing the economy through a housing boom, which just encourages more borrowing against assets to drive consumption, rather than increasing real wages and helping the average person.

Unemployment is coming down, but there are pain points in the economy for low income workers - such as the cost of energy (though not yet enough to permanently change energy consumption habits of the broad middle class). Hopefully the recovery will continue, and the average American will benefit.....we will see.

What ever happens, there is not one simple answer to a complex problem.
robman 12/5/2012 | 3:55:37 AM
re: W Does Cisco You're right, all Detroit cars got lot better after the Japanese invasion in early 90's. In the boom time, a lot of unworthy people getting to top positions and hiring binge all around. The indian invasion is fixing that wrinkle right now, may be we may another tech boom once tech Cos again start turning out profits. American economy thrives on the very principle, if it ever becomes protectionist, we will start see it loose the edge it has now.

The only thing that I wished: Executive packages have to come down, esp when the cos are suffering. Their compansations should come from the market and not from the company's coffers.
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