lrmobile_millomar 12/5/2012 | 3:04:12 PM
re: Vodafone Signs on for WiMax Perhaps it's just a GBP20,000 investment to scare Ericsson. It certainly doesn't mean that Vodafone is endorsing the standard.

But Patrick: while anyone can't join anything anyone CAN join the WiMAX Forum as long as they have the cash.

lrmobile_Ziggy 12/5/2012 | 3:04:11 PM
re: Vodafone Signs on for WiMax I agree that we should not read too much into Vodafone's membership. Even if they would not deploy WiMAX, I'm sure they want to keep an eye on what their competitors might deploy. They can't afford not to know about it.

In terms of cost, anybody can indeed join the WiMAX Forum for a fee. They must also accept, among other things, the WiMAX Forum IPR policy (RAND type), as well as some restrictions in their communications related to WiMAX (e.g. no bashing). For Vodafone, I'm assuming that these two aspects are more relevant than the GBP20,000 fee.
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