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regent 12/5/2012 | 12:04:00 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? In fact, Timetra went through two funding rounds. Inaccuracy? More like a blunder :) you don't need to have "sources" to know that, just an internet connection. This information is available at www.timetra.com.

Regarding the completion of their product, I happen to know that they have shipped for revenue.
joe_average 12/5/2012 | 12:04:00 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? Title says it all.

Why is this news? Is a deal imminent?
M$BIG 12/5/2012 | 12:03:58 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? Interesting... I missed the info on the Alcatel/TiMetra relationship. Can you point me to it? Which Alcatel Unit is involved? Data or Access? - M$
alcabash 12/5/2012 | 12:03:58 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? It will be interesting to see how Alcatel can integrate Timetra after their repeated failures.
Rumor is that they were looking at Procket, what a joke! At least, Timetra seems close to having a decent product.
alcabash 12/5/2012 | 12:03:57 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? Data (ex-Newbridge) + Belgium (ADSL)
It's the same group now.
M$BIG 12/5/2012 | 12:03:57 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? Thanks. It has been my experience that borgs, unless there is an immediate feature/solution demand (which I do not see with TiMetra), try the OEM route, assign a PLM, etc....

With the number of ex-Nortel folks there, perhaps they are the borg... M$
Kevin Mitchell 12/5/2012 | 12:03:56 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? Shipping for recognized revenue? I doubt that. Even TiMetra employees admit that they are still in production mode and trials.
BobbyMax 12/5/2012 | 12:03:52 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? It is hardly one hears a start-up with no products promoting itself to be bought. The trend of selling start-ups without any product is certainly a very recent undertaking. It is extremely important that thee buyers be aware of this tricky company from California. Many companies have sinked to the bottom of the ocean when they acquired a high tech copmpany located in Californias. It is a big stunt being pulled by TiMetra.

It appears that is crooked mamagers want to sell the company so that theycan prolong their tenure with a company that buys TiMetra.

It is very hard to tell which company would fall under the clutches of TiMetra.
Holy Grail 12/5/2012 | 12:03:51 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale?
If the rumour is true that they are about to close a deal, then this reminds me of the good old bad old days.

Can anyone actually still fall for the old "The hardware is done, it's just the software that's not quite there" story, amazing!

A word to the wise. Don't believe them!

The software is actually the hard part and until you have the software working properly how do you know the hardware works anyway?

IMHO TiMetra are a bunch of hardware guys who know a bit about network processors, the rest is hype and spin (and boy they do a good job of this for sure). Anyone who buys these guys is being fooled and will regret it, I'd put money on it.

This industy is littered with these sort of hype driven bad deals, are folks memories really that short? I think Juniper's aquisition of Unisphere's BRAS Edge platform was a smart move, now lets consider Ericsson and Torrent, Nokia and Amber, Lucent and Springtide....

The acid test of a good IP company with a real solid product is to see the product actually deployed in a large scale IP network standing shoulder to shoulder alongside Cisco and Juniper, believe me, it's real easy to do in Powerpoint but by god its hard to do in the real world. (And watch out for the customer CTO or key decision maker being bribed with stock of sitting on the start-up's board, or some other dodgy financial sweetner).

Buying a start-up who has actually achieved real depolyment in a big IP network, well this is a good place to start and then provided you are prepared to pay sensible money that recognises the achievement, then you will likley get what you want a great deal and rapid entry into a fast growing market. Trying to get it on the cheap or thinking that you are smarter than the average bear will end in disaster for sure.

Any of the large players looking to move into the IP space and go up against Cisco and Juniper should look at Avici in the core space, they are deployed for quite a while in AT&T core, and Laurel also deployed by Level(3), both have next gen architectures, both have proven that they know what they are doing and with a big brother both could give Cisco and Juniper a major headache.

Anyone care to comment?

Just my 2 cents rant rant

Peter Heywood 12/5/2012 | 12:03:49 AM
re: TiMetra for Sale? I've looked on Timetra's website and I can't find the info you're refering to. The "company" page merely states that it's received funding from 2 VCs. It doesn't say 2 rounds.
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