kumaramitabh 12/5/2012 | 4:43:36 PM
re: Time Warner Cable Hits WiMax Accelerator One of the things which strikes about the launch is the absence of VoIP. VoIP is one of the strong drivers of WiMAX such as those provided by Yota, Russia. Having access to broadband internet and not VoIP is strange as cable users ought to be happy with such a service. Perhaps Sprint being a partner affects the way services are configured with voice services being left to mobile or other operators. But this may not be sustainable.
miar70 12/5/2012 | 4:43:35 PM
re: Time Warner Cable Hits WiMax Accelerator

Perhaps TWC realize the futility of trying to deliver a VoIP offering on top of the WiMAX network, not from a technology point of view but from a business perspective. This way the network is open for TWC customers to use which ever VoIP client they like (Skype, Google Voice, JaJah etc). Remember that Clearwire is all about providing an open network and for TWC to go ahead and start locking people into bundled VoIP contracts like a regular cell phone company would go against the grain.

As you noted too, Sprint is a partner and will be needed to provide off net roaming support anyway as the Wimax network is built out slowly, so a VoIP on Wimax footprint only has potentially limited value. You will need that dual mode CDMA/Wimax device to have decent coverage to avoid another Verizon "map" campaign...

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