standardsarefun 12/5/2012 | 3:50:04 AM
re: Time to Consolidate Mobile Air Interfaces Unfortunately even for the OFDM family there is a timing problem.

WiMAX 16e is complete and published and so is "unchangable" unless you want to destroy a whole lot of silicon and start again.

3GPP "LTE" is in the "end of the beginning" phase, i.e. nothing is really official agreed but it would be really hard to push through a big change (like re-align with 16e). And remember they currently have an "OFDM+" uplink (called SC-FDM) and a shorter frame than 16e.

3GPP2 is just starting. They might decide to endorse 3GPP LTE but there are still probably enough "dark forces" at work to stop that..

Finally, it would seem that 802.20 just went "into cloud cou-cou land" and has been officially suspended. Who know what will happen now in that department.

The net picture is that everyone will have something close to OFDM but different enough (in terms of frame rates, sub-carrier spacings, channel codes, MAC layers, etc.) to be different.

Oh well, that's life...

P.S. But what if 802.16 decided to be more "LTE-like" when they start on "after-16e" work next year... and what if 802.20 ideas popped up in 3GPP2 ... and what if the unchangable LTE ideas got changed afterall?? Isn't standards making fun!
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