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crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:15:17 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom gardner,

What would the bill be if the US and the Coalition of the Willing did nothing? Saddam would be peddling WMDs to the world's terrorist organizations. When North Korea finishes building nuclear bombs some time later this year, don't you think Saddam would have been first in line to make a purchase? He has/had pockets as deep as any and North Korea is desperate for cash.

And don't give me any crap that Iraq has no WMDs. Now that Saddam's regime is gone, as the Iraqi people get more comfortable in the coming days, they will come forward and tell the US where the WMDs are. There was just a report that the Marines may have found weapons-grade plutonium in one location and a mobile bio/chem weapon lab in another.

rjmcmahon 12/5/2012 | 12:15:14 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom The thing that concerns me the most is that by the time the bills start to roll in on this they will be gone and there will be no graceful way out.

Also, an article in today's San Jose Mercury news suggests that selling the Iraqi oil won't cover the cost of reconstruction due to international debt obligations.

Oil wealth far from covering all of Iraq's debts and needs<

By Jim Puzzanghera
Mercury News Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Bush administration officials have described Iraq as a wealthy nation that can pay for much of its postwar reconstruction simply by tapping the vast pool of oil deep beneath it.

But while it's true that Iraq sits atop the second-largest known oil reserve in the world, the country also sits on a staggering amount of international debt: about $383 billion in foreign loans, unpaid legal claims and outstanding contracts.

Some analysts warn that Iraq's antiquated oil wells, which produced about $12.5 billion worth of oil last year, can't pump enough to get the country out of the red.

``No matter how you run the numbers, there is no way in hell that oil can solve Iraq's problems,'' said Anthony Cordesman, an expert on Middle East security at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.
opticalweenie 12/5/2012 | 12:15:12 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Hey Crap,
You're wrong about the weapons grade Plutonium.
Read the Washington Post wires. The marines found low level enriched uranium, at a site that
has been monitored by the UN since 1991. This is
not new material, and if you read the wires, it
says that the marines unsealed this material (sealed by the UN inspectors), thus making it easier for it to get into the wrong hands.
Obviously you have been gorging too much on CNN.
After all the much touted WMD discoveries turning out to be bogus so far, one would think that a normal person would approach all new stories with skeptism, at least until the stuff makes it through a proper lab.
whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 12:15:12 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom If we drop the price of oil $5 per barrel, we save $100M per day. $1B in ten days. More likely, we will drop the price to $20 from $30, so the figure above get doubled. If we can do that for five years, we save the US economy $365B. Not bad, if the war cost us only $40B up front. Nice return.

And special thanks to the Dads and Moms of America and Iraq who found out they raised their kids to die for the rich of the world. There will be a nice letter of thanks and a free folded flag in the mail for you. Postage due.
crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:15:05 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Hey Weenie,

You're right, I heard a preliminary report. I'll wait next time. My mistake. Still, any reason for the "normal person" comment?

I still stand by my statement that Iraqi's-in-the-know will come forward now that there's no threat of backlash from Saddam.

crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:15:05 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom whyiswhy wrote:
And special thanks to the Dads and Moms of America and Iraq who found out they raised their kids to die for the rich of the world. There will be a nice letter of thanks and a free folded flag in the mail for you. Postage due.


HOW DARE YOU!!!!! Who the hell are you to decide how the parents of our brave soldiers should feel? You snivenly commie freako bastard! You would insult the memories of our fallen brothers because of your armchair-political beliefs? F**k you, I wish you were standing in front of me right now!
BobbyMax 12/5/2012 | 12:14:57 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom This insane war was launched by the current US gover Government without any reason. This brutal act of war launched by the US on flimsy and fabricated reasons. Even when it became abundantly clear that Iraq would not be able to offer any effective resistance to the massive air power, the US forces kept destroying the property belonging to the Iraqi people. Fabricating, lying, and using excessive power is clearly war time criminal activity. These charges, I am sure, would be broght against the US Government and its military leaders.

Civilian population of Iraq has bemn kept without food and water. The over all war damages against the US would exceed $500.00 Billion. In oreder to avoid cheating, this amount must be paid by the US government immediately and let the reconstruction effort be undertaken by the Iraqi people.

This war is the worst example where the american people has seen such a wide death and destruction.

There were no weapons of mass destruction have been identified so far and probably none exist. The current administration hass lied to the american people and the US congress ato launch a most shameless act of repression witnessedby the history.

The US should consider the withdrawl of its invasion forces and handover the administration of the country to the Iraqi people.

When our own country does not have elements of democracy in that most of the institutions have become autocratic. The voice of poor and unprivilleged is never heard by the government. The country has never removed discriminations of various discriminations against its minorties, aged and disabled. The institutions like US Supreme Court have ceased to function. There are millions of homeless people.

The US news media have also trivialized the Iraqi and the Arab people. There was no desire to cover the war from a profesional perspective. Even the public television fall below expectations.

There were no arsenals of war that the Iraqi government. The US has all the weapons of mass destruction.

Many governments would realize that the US cannot be trusted in any form any matter. The history of honesty and dignity is not there. It used World War II captured all markets while leaving the rest of the world behind.

crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:14:54 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Dear fellow LR posters,

It has become abundantly clear that Boobie is falling deeper and deeper into the depths of mental disorder. His posts - while never beyond the third-grade level in terms of coherence, intelligibility, spelling and grammar - seem to have fallen to new lows in recent days.

Out of professional curiosity, I wonder what has caused this rapid degeneration. Below are a number of possible scenarios. Feel free to select the one that, in your opinion, is most likely representative of Boobie's insanity. You can reply to this message with the letter that corresponds to your choice, copy/paste your selection, and/or provide additional comments. Feel free to also submit your own professional summation if you feel I have missed a solution.

Here we go...

A) Someone fed up his LR posts has obtained covert access to Boobie's home. At opportune moments, he sneaks up behind Boobie and smacks him in the head with a dull mallet. Boobie wakes up some time later in a daze, unaware of what has happened, and heads for the computer to make a new LR post. The cumulative effect of repeated blows to the head with a hammer has progessively degenerated Boobie's already-limited ability to convey coherent thoughts.

B) Boobie is acutally not from this planet at all, but a anthropologist from a faraway galaxy sent to earth on a mission of study. Given the fact that he needed to learn the customs and language of a whole new planet, he is actually doing quite well. His recent regressions can be attributed to the fact that he is overwhelmed with input from his new world.

C) Boobie is actually hyper-intelligent. We of normal brain power just don't have the mental faculties to comprehend his advanced inductive reasoning.

D) Boobie is just good-old-fashioned stupid. Over time, the brain begins to rebel due to the stress of over-activity (i.e. too many LR posts) and the degree of mental incapacity increases exponentially.

Thanks for reading.

kampar 12/5/2012 | 12:14:53 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom How about :


E) Imperialist Us warmungers tried to make super soldier after glorius German win before World War III started in 1962. Chinese were first to detect US efferts in ths respect. Boobie is result of tipical militry proprganda supply where Indian infeeltrators hid in downtown apartments and shooted at all good people. After this time, Boobie hid in large box and hsnt come out since fall of Sygon, all infomatiun from then on is dubius.


Makes perfect sense to me ...

crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:14:52 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom kampar,

I think I just peed my pants.

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