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BobbyMax 12/5/2012 | 12:18:07 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Dear "Dr." Grassshooter/Crapshooter:

You attitude about youself is very dismal. You show signs of violence and brain malnuitrtion. Try to enjoy the diversity of views. Remember that you do not know any thing about war and act like a cheerleader shooting from the sideline. Be good and do good to others. Take a fresh breath of air. It appears that you have very combative behavior. Read some good books and news papers.
vwhitta205 12/5/2012 | 12:18:06 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom LH -

Did you just compare America to Nazi Germany? Did you fall and bump your head?

You bring up right wing Christians and compare them to Muslim extremists. The Christian right wingers who are involved in abortion clinic bombings amount to about 30 people in Mississippi and Southern Alabama. There are thousands of Muslim extremists in camps in Afganistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen etc. working towards the goal of inflicting mass murder on innocent westerners. There is a comparison between the ignorance of both groups but as far as numbers and percentage of a population there is truly no comparison.
As stated before Islam, along with most religions, is about peace and understanding. Problem is it has been twisted to fuel hatred and control the weak.
Do people leave Temple or Churches on sat and sundays and head to the streets burning flags of Middle Eastern countries chating " death to Syria"? The Arab street is filled with hate every Friday by their leaders. I fundamentally disagree with using the religious pulpit to fill people with hate instead of teaching peace and understanding.
Bill Johnson 12/5/2012 | 12:18:06 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom No need to read #655 again. I never said that Muslims were violent so calm down. There are radical Christians who bomb abortion clinics and there were radical Christians who slaugheterd masses during the crusades, however, Christianity itself is not a religion based on hatred. It is based on Christ. I stated a fact in saying that Islam itself is a religion based on hatred against non-Muslims. Do you disagree. If you do, then you are lying to yourself and your religion.

I have met numerous Muslims from all over the World and many of them are dear friends. I would not and am not bashing them because of their religous beliefs. Where do you get that. If you are Muslim, you do not believe that Christ is the son of Allah, right? By you stating your belief, I do not take it that you are bashing me so why should you feel that I am bashing you or any other Muslim?

"If all Muslims were so violent, then why aren&#8217;t 1.5 billion Muslims killing everyone right now?"

Again, I never said Muslims or Arabs themselves were violent. A religion and a person are two seperate entities you wacky-a$$.

I agree with you that America is geographically illiterate and very stereotypical. So is the rest of the World. Hell, people still think Teaxs is a place of cowboys, gun fights, oil wells, and tumbleweeds. To compare what I wrote, which you misinterpreted, to Hitler is completely asinine.
crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:18:05 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom vwhitta205 wrote:

Did you just compare America to Nazi Germany? Did you fall and bump your head?


Even if LH fell from the top of the tallest California redwood, the resulting jolt wouldn't be enough to lead to that type of reasoning. No, this is much more serious. I am afraid that our dear friend LH has been possessed by BoobieMax!
Light_Headed 12/5/2012 | 12:18:04 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Definition of Muslim &#8211; One who is an adherent of Islam
Definition of Islam &#8211; The religious faith of Muslims

I essentially treat them as the same

You state that &#8220;Islam has always been a religion of violence. Not peace. From the beginning, its spread was accomplished through physical violence, bloodshed and war. Violence not only against non-Muslim infidels, but also against fellow Muslims. &#8220;

Unless I missing something, you did say Islam promotes violence then why aren&#8217;t Muslims violent according to the 2 definitions above; Muslims are Islam and Islam are Muslims?

The text examples you cited earlier are all based on context when Muslims were about to be attacked on their homeland. Why aren&#8217;t all of the Muslims in Iraq fighting against us right now if what you say is true? If they truly follow the Quran according to you, they should be fighting right now. We could play text games all day long with the Bible and get no where because all religious text has to be considered with regards to context.

You state that &#8220;There is a war between Islam and those of us who are Jews or Christians, whether we "make" war or not.&#8221;
Where is this war taking place? The Bible teaches to love everyone and &#8216;love thy neighbor as thyself,&#8221; are the Muslims not neighbors? I have never had a Muslim try and conquer or fight with me, the several I have been around are friendly so, I must be missing something here.

So, tell me what am I supposed to interpret from your comments? You say Islam promotes violence, but everyone you know is not violent. If it promotes violence, then why isn&#8217;t everyone violent? They only choose to be violent?

The whole point I am trying to make is that religion is an EXCUSE for violence and not the SOURCE of violence. You cite religious examples to prove your point then are ignorant of the fact that the same points can be made regarding Christianity. If you don&#8217;t understand that, then I cannot help you.

Bunsen_Burner 12/5/2012 | 12:18:03 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom On the issue of all muslims being violent:

I dont agree with that.. There have been doves and hawks in all religions. The problem with Islam that I feel is that it has been tied with politics way too often..

As an example of free thinkers in Muslim Community take note of Salman Rushdie who was issued a Fatwa for his book Satanic Verses, This poor guy is also under similar threats for speaking his mind.


I think if you delve deeper you will find a lot of peaceloving people who are forced to keep their mouth shut because of such policies of Fatwas on reformists. Sometimes I wonder if this is anything different from what Saddam was doing in Iraq

jim_smith 12/5/2012 | 12:18:03 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Dear Geoff,

Are you on LR's payroll or is it pro bono?

ajar 12/5/2012 | 12:18:03 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom vwhitta205 wrote:

Everyone seems to be getting personal up in here today.
Question of the day:
It's widely reported that Sadaam has multiple body doubles. Sadaam also has multiple wives. So do the body doubles ever slip in and sleep with one of the wives? Is that a fringe benefit for being a body double?

Also, I guess a great job in Iraq was being a painter focusing on prints of Sadaam's mug. Dude has seemingly millions of pictures of himself throughout the country.


Think about this.....Saddam hasn't been seen since the first night of the war when the Coalition targeted a palace where they thought Saddam and his boys were. All the video since showing Saddam has been questionable.

Anyway, suppose Saddam wasn't killed, but that he lost a leg. It would suck being one of his body doubles now.
Bill Johnson 12/5/2012 | 12:18:02 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Guys,

For the last time, I never said all Muslims were violent. Do you not understand English?

As for Islam being violent (yes LH they are seperate), do not take my word for it. Go read "History of Religion" by Abdul Houssain Zarin Koub (Professor at the University of Tehran)(his grandfather was a co-founder of Baghdad University), who was the foremost historian of Islam. There you can read it for yourself in black and white.
Bunsen_Burner 12/5/2012 | 12:18:02 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom For the last time, I never said all Muslims were violent. Do you not understand English?

I stand corrected.. Agree with you on this one.
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