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vwhitta205 12/5/2012 | 12:17:49 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Looting the Iraqi treasury? You must be kidding.
Wasn't it Iraq who invaded Kuwait and robbed it of treasures? Like a bunch of thugs.

Your statements are anti-american and just plain stupid.
crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:17:47 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Barbie wrote:

The US Government confiscated about $1.7 Billion from Iraq. This amount should be deposited in the Iraqi treasury with interest plus interest plus penalities for confiscating/appropriting money from the Iraqi Government.


Don't you think that's a little harsh? The US needs to deposit the amount, with interest PLUS interest? Have you no mercy???


How is the integrity of the Iraqi treasury going to be preserved? How will the invader be prevented from printing phony bills?


1) The Iraqi treasury has no integrity. 2) The Iraqi currency had almost no value at the start of the war. Who would be stupid enough to print MORE bills with Saddam's likeness (except you, of course).


All cost of causing damage to the Iraqi infrastructure must be paid by the US Government. It must also pay other compensatory damages to Iraq to make up for all loses.


The Iraqi infrastructure is being left largely intact. In any event, Iraq will enjoy its highest level of economic status once the US, Britain and the Coalition of the Willing finish their job. As such, they (along with the Iraqi) people, should have the majority of the say on the new Iraqi government (read: the French, Germans, Russians, Mexicans, etc. should have ZERO say on these proceedings).


The US Government may also be tempted to replace the oil equipment and drain out billions of dollars from Iraq. Some safeguards need to be built so this does not happen.


Who will safeguard against this??? The U.S. is leading this charge. As I've said before, the UN has become irrelevant and American rightfully acts alone in its endeavors.
skeptic 12/5/2012 | 12:17:45 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Isn't it clear we are at war with a terrorist state?
No. Whats clear is that the definition of
"terrorism" has changed to cover almost
any act against the united states military.

Terrorism used to mean attacks against civilian
targets by irregular forces. Extending the
defintion of terrorism to include attacks against
soliders in wartime is crazy. If you are in
uniform fighting a war to overthrow the
government of another country, you are a military

The US has never been able to make a case for
Iraqi support of terrorism. The biggest
supporters of terrorism are US "allies" like
Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

There were lots of reasons for a war on Iraq, but
terrorism wasn't one of them.
rafaelg 12/5/2012 | 12:17:44 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom "How does this work? I seem to have been busted down a rank. Any explanation?"CS

Sensitive about rank?
It doesn't mean Quality.
I see traces of Napoleon on this...LOL

skeptic 12/5/2012 | 12:17:44 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom I come from a country that was invaded by the Germans during the war. What did we do? We got the resistance. Undeground. Or hiding amoung sivilians if you wish. Doing resitance work, or acts of terror if you wish. It depends on your place of observation.

In Iraq, your example isn't valid at present.
Iraq is fighting a war and not engaging in
an underground resistance movement. If you
are a government fighting a war within the
boundaries of your own country, you can fight
that war however you choose within the military
conventions you have signed.

- There is nothing terrorist about irregular
forces fighting an enemy army in the field.
To call soldiers fighting a war "victims of
terrorism" is to make a mockary of what terrorism

- There is nothing terrorist about using suicide
bombers against enemy military units conducting
an invasion. That would change if the Iraqi
government ceased to exist, but at present
there is nothing wrong about using such
tactics. Soldiers die. And if a soldier decides
to die in a reckless charge against a superior
enemy or in a car-bomb, dead-is-dead.

- There is no rule of war that says the Iraqis
should fight the war out in the open and be
slaughtered. This is NOT the first time in
history wars have been fought in cities.

I'm not defending every action by Iraq. Iraq
ignores the geneva convention for POWs. If Iraq
uses biological or chemical weapons, those are
war crimes.

rafaelg 12/5/2012 | 12:17:43 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom I just finished reading all the threads/replies. Instead of a reasonable debate, these posts have become way off the facts and too personal (including me} as I realize. It's time to move on to another subject.

signmeup 12/5/2012 | 12:17:43 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom WOW!

Now I know that we have an imposter in our midst. There is no way the real booby would have ever responded to my message to just shut up. The only person that I know has ever goaded the real booby is "Dr." Gea - to that my hat is off.

I kind of miss the real booby; the imposter uses too many coherent sentences.

To Booby's imposter - nice try, but I don't buy it.

rafaelg 12/5/2012 | 12:17:43 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom bootle,

"I think you are absolutely right on this. There is now every chance that this is a 'shot in the arm' for another arms race"

Does SALT II Treaty no participation sound familiar?
rafaelg 12/5/2012 | 12:17:43 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Dear "Dr." Signmeup:

Please exercise some restraints about what you say about other people. You have very poor ettiquette and very impverished upbringing.

"I think your skills and knoiwledge of world events is very scanty. It also appears to me you did not learn much from the universities and colleges you attended. It appears you are QA or a lab maintenance personnel rotting somewhere.

I would recommend you to read War and Peace by Bertrand Russell. If you have any difficulty in understanding it, please let me know."B.M.

MAN B.M.!!! That fregging book is from High School!! Perhaps, may I recommend something that borders the edges of the present?
you join now the elite few that B.M has responded to. Don't consider it.

rafaelg 12/5/2012 | 12:17:42 AM
re: The Effect of War on Telecom Joined a pool at work.... A guy has 3 of the final four on the sheet. I asked where he was so I can bring him all my stocks and funds...
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