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Fortunecookie 12/5/2012 | 12:32:30 AM
re: The Asian Invasion << 2. General honesty level
Thought this was true before I heard Enron, Worldcom, Qwest, Xerox, (The list can go on and on) scandals. I definitely do not trust most executives in most Corportae Americans, let alone wall street crooks. >>

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Don't you think the US over patent, to some extend? It is just a different mind set. For example, some people think Linux will take over Unix because of its open source. Don't you think a free world is more dynamic? People has free access to information and knowledge. I used to work in BELL labs. I think we over patented a lot of trash.

<< Asia does not suffer post bubble pain as much as the U.S. do. >>

<see (per="" a="" an="" asia="" bubble="" capita)="" develop="" economy="" first.<br="" for="" japan.="" large="" needs="" of="" rest="" sufficiently="" the="" to="">
Please further elaborate. I don't get your reasoning. The pain of bubble is tied to the ratio of the magnitude of bubble and the economic level. In a poor economic, although the bubble might be smaller, but the impact of the bubble wil be as big.

<< <4. Business Ethics
Asia has lots of hard and dedicated work bees. >>

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<< Politics in the U.S. might just be as ugly. >>

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It just happened that I moved to this country years ago. It is like asking a people living in CA why not move back to NJ or Boston.

I am not saying China is better than the US. As a matter of fact, China still has lots of place to catch up.

After all, I love this country. I am happy that I can contribute my knowledge to this country.
HeavyDuty 12/5/2012 | 12:32:27 AM
re: The Asian Invasion << It is just a different mind set... Don't you think a free world is more dynamic? People has free access to information and knowledge. >>

Your definition of free is interesting. People are encouraged to think of new things in large part due to the motivation of potential wealth from something that someone might eventually develop into a profitable product. To wit, note the difference in innovation, and the resulting economic growth, between the British-colonial Hong Kong and the "People's Republic" of China for the duration of HK's colonial status.

If no one finds a use for a patent then maybe it's "overuse." If you don't try how do you know?

<< In a poor economic, although the bubble might be smaller, but the impact of the bubble wil be as big. >>

A bubble is a sign that an economy is growing too fast and/or for the wrong reason (e.g., the "new internet economy" bubble). Most poor economies are poor because they lack growth; fast, slow or otherwise.

China's economy grows, but not so fast that it threatens to overtake the post-bubble, second-largest economy in the world any time soon. China's economy can't grow to the size of the world's largest economy, because without sales to the aforementioned largest economy China has no engine for it's current economic growth.

<< It just happened that I moved to this country years ago. It is like asking a people living in CA why not move back to NJ or Boston. >>

No, it isn't.
recession2002 12/5/2012 | 12:32:24 AM
re: The Asian Invasion The golden rule is one engineer in US costs the
same as four over there with the same intellectual capabilities. As a senior software manager, I strongly support the concept of globalization. Basically, I want a mix of bag of guru and some cheap labors. There are 40 people working for me. 30 in India, 10 are here. Those 30 over are called followers. They can do excellent job with some guidance and their pay is reasonable(low). The 10 over here are known as guru and top notch. They are the driving force of the technology, most of them holding advanced degree from top school. In US, we pay the engineer more and we expect them more. No mediocre for high pay job. If you are only as good as the engineers in India or China, then I will fire you and replace you by them with no mercy. Today in US(bay area), more than 50% of engineers are classified as mediocre, they will be replaced within the next few years. If you are top notch, you have no impact and you deserve the high pay because of your talent. I strongly believe in "Work Smart rather than Work Hard".
recession2002 12/5/2012 | 12:32:23 AM
re: The Asian Invasion Honestly speaking, going back to Asia and working
as an engineer is not a wise move. They pay low over there. No much opportunity for engineers.
There are too many engineers there and you will be nothing unless you have some connections over there or you have already got a job offer to relocate back home with decent pay. Otherwise, the
opportunity over there is only for management, sales, marketing and finance. Engineer is just a cheap labor unless you own yours.
recession2002 12/5/2012 | 12:32:23 AM
re: The Asian Invasion US has the best graduate schools. When I was in Berkely, I notice that 2/3 are not American. However, the good news is that most of the graduated are contributing in US. US is a magnet to the talents of the worlds. Almost all the top 1% students in India or China in engineering/CS field are happy to come here for the advanced degree. Here you can meet the best of the best. No places like this in the world. In addition, it is very easy to get VC funding here. Most of the engineers in China or India are hardworking and can do pretty good job but not many of them(may be 1%) are really top notch. However, in software or hardware industry when the technology is mature. You don't need top notch, hardworking mediocre will fit in. That is what happening now. Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft and more are moving some of the DEVELOPMENT to Inida or China because they don't need super-hero to build up the applications or kernel/engine enhancement. I believe that the future software corporation will be like this. In US, we have a couple of tiger teams, they come up with good ideas, develop the framework or fundation and skeleton and move on to next challenging project. Let the left-over or easy-to-do job to the people in India or China.
If you are not top notch or in management(highlevel), you better have your career change or expect your career life span of less than 15 years.
crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:32:20 AM
re: The Asian Invasion zettabit writes: .....with its serious image problem in much of the world. Are the world's best & brightest still seeing AMerica as the place to be?

If George Bush is meant to be the shining example of what the American educational system can produce, I shudder to think of what the future brings.


1) Quite frankly, the opinions of the rest of the world really don't concern true Americans. This is the greatest nation on earth. Period.

2) George W. Bush is far from perfect, but I'll take him over the Communist jackasses in the Chinese government any day of the week.
crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:32:19 AM
re: The Asian Invasion kwokkong writes:
Yes, people from China and Hong Kong are very educated and smart and can do everything every efficient. Americans don't work hard as the asians. (Interesting grammar, by the way, my Asian friend.)

Listen, you horse-tooth jackass. What good does all that "hard work" get the Asians? An extra bowl of rice? Big friggin' deal. For all their education, Asians hardly every rise through the ranks in American companies to top managerial positions. Why? Because for all heir "education," they, for the most part, have poor personality skills and have tunnel vision.

In this industry, the American companies that were started by Asian engineers have little chance for survival. Why? Because they're run by people with engineering degrees (read "no business acumen whatsoever").

For a country of people that don't work very hard, per-capita income is among the best in the world.

Stop knockin' my country. If you don't like my comments, you can stick it where the sun don't shine.

recession2002 12/5/2012 | 12:32:19 AM
re: The Asian Invasion People image on American is that
it has the best talents in the world as
well as a lot of stupid dumb ass.
Less than 5% American are the talents,
the rest of the 95% are common or even
dumb ass due to the failure in education
system. I have a lot of Indian and Chinese
friends. They learn Alegbra or Calculus in
Junior High, I learn it from senior high or
even in college. Just wonder how to compete?
I feel the pressure in the college. I see
more and more american(excluding asian american)
switching the major again from engineering. In
graduate school, the situation looks pretty bad, I feel like minority. When I came out and work,
the situation is even worse, most of the engineers are chinese or indian.
tsat 12/5/2012 | 12:32:19 AM
re: The Asian Invasion A free country will alway do better than a repressed one.

crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:32:11 AM
re: The Asian Invasion "A free country will always do better than a repressed one."


Amen, brother.
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