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crapshooter 12/5/2012 | 12:31:44 AM
re: The Asian Invasion I've tried to be kinder in my last couple of posts. I see that neither of you will accept an olive branch. We obviously have differences of opinon. Who is right and who is wrong? Neither...that's why they're called "opinions."

You are nit-picking way too much with these posts.

It's Sunday and, after today, I won't have time to really check the boards until next weekend. I am not going to respond to either of you any longer.

GO_PHOTON 12/5/2012 | 12:31:42 AM
re: The Asian Invasion > I dont know about China, but India has some of
> asias best management schools and lot of
> indians study in top american mngmt schools
> too. there is no shortage of mngmt talent in
> india.

Asia's best colleges are in Japan, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Taiwan, period. In today's world
it is simply not possible to have good universities without having the best

vermillion 12/5/2012 | 12:31:40 AM
re: The Asian Invasion I sincererly apologize to all Light Reading message board readers for my juvenile attack on Bobby Max: "BobbyMax, you Ignornorant Slut!".

Naturally, I meant to say:
"BobbyMax, you Ignorant Slut!"

My fingers acquire a slight stutter when I get to writing a flame like that. Kind of pathetic, huh?

vermillion 12/5/2012 | 12:31:40 AM
re: The Asian Invasion ODH, allow me to explain something. BobbyMax is a complete idiot. We can let the Pidgin English spelling go, but the content is consistently idiotic.

To paraphrase a line from days of old when SNL was still funny: BobbyMax, you Ignornorant Slut! ODH is right, you should stick to the topic: the move of telecom manufacturing to Asia. That goes for crapshooter and his girlfriends too.

BobbyMax: As for your characteristically irrelevant tangent to the topic of interest, please go to http://www.nobel.se and check out the names and nationalities of the laureates, especially in Physics. You will find a number of Indian and Chinese names, both representing India and China, and those listed as Americans.


BobbyMax wrote:
"America was invaded by Asians since the mid sixties, ..."

If you have read this article, the subject is the opposite. It's "Asia invaded by Americans" with various optical and semiconductor technologies for the manufacuring expertise. The technology and consumption are from America.
vermillion 12/5/2012 | 12:31:39 AM
re: The Asian Invasion Getting back to the topic at hand:

This story is of the very lowest quality, even for LR. Why? Because it concentrates almost entirely on the irrelevancy known as DowsLake Microsystems and their move to China. [Boo! Hiss...]

The DowsLake move to the Shanghai area is utterly meaningless when compared to something like JDSU's move of all but the kitchen sink to Shenzhen. What's wrong with focusing on Agilent? I think we all agree Agilent will still be around next year.

Leaving that aside, let's talk about DowsLake. I checked out a couple of the stories on LR and the company website, and I was apalled. Let me explain.

1. Welcome to Amateur Night
I met a guy from Ottawa once whose job it was to work with Dan Yang after JDSU's takeover of AFC's amplifier business. He claimed he would, say, ask for a design drawing, and she would get out a scrap piece of paper and a pencil and start doodling. Pathetic if true!

Good thing her new company is going for ISO certification later on this year, AFTER her she teaches granny and her mah-jiang circle how to build the modules. It'll be SO much easier to make it up as you go along and then fake the process documentation later. What a joke!

Hasn't this industry grown up yet? Do we really have people who would be players, whose process is two doses of seat-of-the-pants and one dose of yeah-whatever? I thought the long, dismal downturn was supposed to be our time-out to fix all of that amateurish crap!

2. Home for Lunar New Year
Considering that the leadership of this fart-in-a-windstorm of a company appear to be Nanjing U. Physics cronies with graduate degrees from U.S. universities, I would have expected them to do a runner for the cheap labour in their glorious motherland a long time ago. DowsLake hardly qualifies for the theme of the story--telecom components manufacturing moving to Asia. It's more about networking with their mother country: "After you visit for New Year and scarf down a bowl of dumplings with granny and her mah-jiang circle, make sure they wash their hands before they start assembling the amplets!" (or is that "amp-lings" ???).

The fact that they are only doing the move now suggests that they never had customers before, so that economies-of-scale were irrelevant. Now they may either be getting desperate or finding some sales in China (???).

Does the press for DowsLake actually mean that LR editors suspect that DowsLake has some guanxi (connections) that will help them make things happen in China? From what I understand, a few well-placed "uncles" in high places can make a very big difference to doing business in China.

calpole 12/5/2012 | 12:31:32 AM
re: The Asian Invasion Even if it is extremely clear, Bobbymax
at best is a college drop out,

1. He must be in his 55-65, because he attended
school at a time when there used to be
a few Indian students in the US univs.

Otherwise, he would have learned that all the toppers in any diacipline in any US univ
is an Indian with 75% probability.

2.Where did he get 6-7M Vietnamese?

By his other posts, it is clear that he
has no knowledge of any thing. Again to educate
him more, I would just like to remind him, the
kind of Mathematics and Physics we have
done in our 11th std. in India is even better than
that what US kids receive in the first year
of college.

But still, for research & higher studies,
US universities are better because they have a tradition of 100-200 years where as India was liberated only 50 years back..

Iipoed 12/5/2012 | 12:31:31 AM
re: The Asian Invasion Why does anyone care about your opinion of BobbyMax, Get a life and post something worthwhile
mrJade 12/5/2012 | 12:31:26 AM
re: The Asian Invasion BobbyMax ....what can we say about him...RETARTED!
Laser_King 12/5/2012 | 12:31:22 AM
re: The Asian Invasion Man oh man, I love this banter going back and forth. I think we have some great race relations here. Here is some more fuel for the fire. A few questions for all the Asians slamming the US:

1) Why are you waisting time here in the US at all? (Outside of raping the country for all its wealth.)

2) If all intelligence comes from the knowledge mecca of the Asian continent - why was the telecom revolution not conceived and fostered in Asia? The vast intelligencia of educated engineers with business acumen could surely manipulate world telcom/datacom practices from Asia.

3) Why do you still use chopsticks? The fork is vastly better - except for maybe cooking bacon.
chetbr 12/5/2012 | 12:31:21 AM
re: The Asian Invasion Boy talk about a bunch of stuff. My general experience is that most liberal arts types have a very difficult time with analytical thinking, but generally excel at inductive reasoning. It is a type of thought process that a liberal arts education will help enhance. Most people with technical and some business degrees (accounting specifically) tend to stress deductive reasoning and analytical thought. That is one of the reasons that many organizations love to get someone with a technical degree(s) and an MBA, they are able to apply both types of reasoning to a problem and come up with the answer. I think the argueing over degrees is stupid, so is the discussion of value added, it takes all kinds to make a company work, the real question is does your company create value as a whole or not. Personally, if you don't have both types of thinkers and neither is allowed to dominate, you will be in business for a long time, if not you will fail.
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