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opticalwatcher 12/5/2012 | 12:50:27 AM
re: Tellium Takeover Plan Brewing holy moly, are you serious? You must work for harry. Maybe I even know who you are?! I was really sick and tired of this retoric when I heard it over the years, and it still drums up amusement when I still hear (read) it. All those wednesday meetings, all that hope in one room.

You must have been one of those people playing with the ice on the deck of the boat AFTER the titanic hit the iceberg. If your serious, I do feel bad for you. But, let me give you some suggestions. Move on with your life, find work somewhere else, possibly change careers for the time being, go to the beach (take a jacket), get some drinks at the Wharfside (restuarant in NJ near the beach). Relax.

Hahah, this market will turn around by June, July the latest. Hahaha. That's a good one. Minimum stock price of 10 bucks? jesus man (or woman), the friends and family shares were more than that.

Well, no matter what your real thoughts and opinions are, I do wish you well. Your in for a rough ride.

good luck
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