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gea 12/5/2012 | 12:03:26 AM
re: Tellabs Snags Vivace for $135M Hey Darkwriting...

Do you speak Booby 'on purpose' or is that what comes naturally?

Also, please do not interfere with my secret messages to BobbyMax as it confuses him.
gigeguy 12/5/2012 | 12:03:25 AM
re: Tellabs Snags Vivace for $135M > lickmeyster asked:
> Who are their customers? Which labs are they in?

If you listened to the investor conference call, they said they have a nationwide IXC customer in the US, and a nationwide PTT customer in Asia, and that they plan to announce the customer details leading into Supercomm. They also said that they're in labs both domesically and internationally and their primary barrier to having more customers has been the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of buying from a startup. The Tellabs purchase addresses that particular problem.
lickmeyster 12/5/2012 | 12:03:25 AM
re: Tellabs Snags Vivace for $135M Although I am enjoying the debate over Vivace's strategy and ATM vs IP, does anyone have any real information about this company?

If Tellabs spent $135 M in these times, they must have something going on.

Who are their customers? Which labs are they in?

Somebody, ... anybody?
rbkoontz 12/5/2012 | 12:03:23 AM
re: Tellabs Snags Vivace for $135M Posters,

I think you are ALL missing the boat here. The Vivace box may well be a boat anchor, but Tellabs really is buying into ATM/MPLS expertise that they hoped they were getting but did not get with the Occular team.

As the world's leading cross-connect, the Titan 5500 may be the most widely deployed central office product in the world. Tellabs has no choice but to leverage this installed base of product. "Tellabs is integrating native ATM switching capability into the 5500. This new functionality will be available in Feature Pack 9.1, due in H2.03".

I'm sure this sounded easy at first but when they saw the RBOC/IXC endless list of requirements after their first lab demo they knew they were screwed and hadn't a chance in hell to pull this off themselves.

I concur with a few other posters' key points:
- Tellabs sales team is totally disconnected with the data networking opportunities in the RBOCs.
- Incredible that the Occular management team is now running Tellabs strategy! While smooth as silk, wasn't Nulty just a simple "copper loop testing guy" at Tollgrade just a couple years ago? I do not know Kennedy from Adam. An amazing turn of events, but given the Tellabs history with Salix, Netcore, etc perhaps deserved...

Another topic of discussion:
- At 320 Gbps, why does the Vivace call themselves an "edge box"? This term is overused. This may be and "edge" of the MPLS backbone someday, not not in any edge central office.

- MW

Tellabs is responding to this requirement by integrating native ATM switching capability into the 5500. This new functionality will be available in Feature Pack 9.1, due in H2.03
douggreen 12/5/2012 | 12:03:21 AM
re: Tellabs Snags Vivace for $135M Most Wanted,

Greg Nulty did in deed work for Tollgrade prior to Ocular (in charge of their strategy), but he also worked for Pulsecom, Stantel, Sprint, and Ameritech. Having worked with him personally, I can say that he brings an incredible amount of practical experience to the table. He knows the difference between a product that looks good on paper and one that service providers will actually buy, having been in their shoes.

Also, I think that Greg would roll over laughing at your calling him "smooth as silk".

I agree with you on one point. Tellabs will have to develop the sales channel for the data side of the house. However, Kennedy was a VP at Newbridge, and some of his staff from Ocular has a very strong datacom background as well. This is very familiar territory for them. Plus, there are a LOT of ex-Ascend/Cascade/Newbridge sales people in need of work.

Doug Green
Light-bulb 12/5/2012 | 12:03:20 AM
re: Tellabs Snags Vivace for $135M Most Wanted... Yes I think your post is correct in many ways. Yes Nulty was a copper loop guy. Does that have relevance on vision and strategy? Oh it may have some relevance but not really. He's an intelligent visionary. As for Tellabs buying into Ocular's MPLS platform... well yes Ocular did in fact go into the God box category for a short while. They were trying to find themselves you know... Paste the wall and see which features actually stick. Certainly MPLS/ATM features in the Ocular box was a pipe dream. As to the new ATM functionality in the 5500? Well you are right about 9.1 however the real question is where the tech is coming from and I believe the answer to be in the 6500. (ATM Fabric Broadband DCS) They need to leverage the tech from the 6500 since the old dogs on the 5500 development staff wouldn't let the 6500 be the next-gen DCS, which I see as a Huge mistake but regardless.
Tellabs needs the expertise though your dead on. The question is: Will Tellabs KEEP the staff? Obviously the Sales team at Tellabs has no clue on next-gen equipment. NONE. Pure and Simple. If they want to see success they need to keep the sales force from Vivace. Ed I hope thats one thing you've learned from the integration into Tellabs. You really should have defended and supported your Sales force from Ocular. Why you didn't is beyond me. I still have no representative that understands the 6400 like my SE from Ocular. I even call him from time to time to ask questions. Talk about dedication to the product.
So Good vision, now just don't recreate all the other failed acquisitions. Be original out there Ed.

Cheers all, have a Great Weekend!
billy_fold 12/5/2012 | 12:03:18 AM
re: Tellabs Snags Vivace for $135M Sorry to have to break this to you, but the Ocular sales and SE staff are gone. They got caught up and unprotected in the layoffs last year.

sevenbrooks 12/5/2012 | 12:03:17 AM
re: Tellabs Snags Vivace for $135M
I think you are all missing the boat.

Occular is a market failure. Kennedy and Nulty have a product that has gone nowhere fast. Now they are like kids in the candy store. Having met them, I don't consider either of them either bright nor inciteful. To put these guys in charge of Tellabs is going to kill the company.

So, now they pick Vivace. Thats great 2 guys with 0 track record to run anything successful are now in charge of something else that is sputtering.

Hey Mike Birk! Run your company. You have a lot of money tied up in it. These guys will lose it for you.

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