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ajo2 12/4/2012 | 7:30:01 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular > Ciena is not going to make any money from the
> Cyras products? No one iscomplementing Ciena
> for acquiring Cyras?

Maybe after they start selling and shipping a noticable amount of product. Word on the street is that it's much too heavy and expensive to be a good paper weight, so they have to market it as an oversized door stop.

> In fact Cyras has broght the Ciena stock prices.

"brought the Ciena stock prices?"

Correct grammer would go a long ways towards making your posts understandable.
lightbuster 12/4/2012 | 7:30:00 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular If sources are to be believed Metrooptics has this feature!! any news on how this startup doing!!!
flybylite 12/4/2012 | 7:29:59 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular Tellabs won't back out of the deal. Look at their history. They acquire companies, drown them with their HELP, and then shut them down.

My memory indicates that they did back out of the Ciena deal in 1998. I'll bet Ciena is real happy that Tellabs didn't have the balls to go through with the deal. Can you imagine how Ciena would be with the oppressive Tellabs management???

Just a thought....

billy_fold 12/4/2012 | 7:29:59 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular Anyone know if Ocular can perform the transmux function?

LONERANGER 12/4/2012 | 7:29:58 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular Yes, more so than the 15454 and it works!!
knave 12/4/2012 | 7:29:57 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular
the other machine doing VT level / even DSO level grooming is made by www.erinc.com.
knave 12/4/2012 | 7:29:57 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular Interesting point FF. I pity the good Ocular engineers if the TLAbber's get their Product Mgmt. hands on them. the best way to remotivate would be to leave the Ocular folks alone so Dick can foster a little healthy competition .IN any case Ocular's product stands a better chance of addressing the future than the dusty Titans....
Telecom_Guy 12/4/2012 | 7:29:54 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular Why do people keep comparing Ocular products to Cerent (Cisco 15454)products? Yes it's true the Cisco box does have some line cards that support DS1 (14port cards). But everyone knows that if you really have a business case for DS1 you don't use the 15454. Ok well only smart people know that. The Cisco 15454, Redback SMS800, White Rock VLX2020, Ciena (EL STINK K2), Metro-Optix and other MSPP platforms were not meant for high density low trib circuits. They concentrate on OC3, OC12, DS3. So it's not really an apples to apples comparision by only comparing the VT matrix of one box to another. Compare also OC3 density, OC12 density, OC48 density, OC192 density, STS matrix density, UPSR support, 2Fiber BLSR support, 4Fiber BLSR support, GMLS support, yadda yadda... Ok you guys get the picture. I just thought I'd point that out.
Tellabs only bought this company to eliminate the threat these guys posed on their accounts and revenue. Tellabs still has no "real" SONET ADM solution and they just spent their allowance.
leer 12/4/2012 | 7:29:52 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular I heard Metrooptics does over 10,000 protected VT 1.5 DCS
DoubleD 12/4/2012 | 7:29:51 PM
re: Tellabs Nabs Ocular Harvey ... I understand why your last name is Mudd. Ocular is a perfect fit that complements the Titan series in the metro optical network arena.

If Tellabs was worried about ego (developing cross connect products) as you seem they should they would have trouble competing in this fast changing market.

Thats probably why you are an engineer and not on the business things. If you are on the biz end if things, God help you.
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