jacksullivan66 12/4/2012 | 11:12:46 PM
re: Startups Back LWAPP Hey Unstrung staff - any thoughts on the recent announcement by Intel of the inclusion of embedded, soft AP functionality as part of the upcoming Grantsdale chipset vision?

The impact to the market is that by the end of next year, 50% of shipped Intel based PCs will have the embedded capability of operating as Access Points.

I'd think this might have a "small" impact on dedicated equipment access points, no? ;) OK - maybe a big impact...

I'd also think this announcement and the resulting market evolution will have a profound impact on the "thin" vs "thick" access point debate? Yes?

Doesn't this also add fuel to the LWAPP / CAPWAP engine? More coverage on this evolution, please...

From what I can tell - the predominant architecture of the WLAN just changed overnight, from AP centric to PC centric.... I'd think that might have some profound implications on the entire WLAN OEM industry.
uebersicht 12/4/2012 | 11:12:43 PM
re: Startups Back LWAPP Wireless search with summarized results/web pages

We just released a wireless search service. The wireless search
service takes the results returned by Google and gives key points of
the resulting web sites. The short key points are suitable for viewing
on wireless devices.

Check it out at:

The following is an example of www.sun.com:

You entered: http://www.sun.com/

Link to Text ratio: 453/914=0.49562363238512036

AME finds this page has a lot of links.
It could be an index page and talks about: Java, Sun, System,
Computing, and Products

Here is a list of main ideas presented in the page:

*** Sun's Big Web Event - Don't miss Network Computing 03-Q4 on
December 3 at 8 am PST. Sign up for an e-mail reminder today.

*** Choice on a grand scale. - Sun extends product line through
strategic alliance with AMD; plans to offer high-performance x86
systems at affordable prices.

*** The identity management leader. - Sun's planned acquisition of
Waveset aims to inject the Java EnterpriseSystem with superior network

*** Sun Signs Agreement with CSSC - Java Desktop System to be
established as the foundation for China's fast-growing IT industry.

*** Contact |Company Info |Employment |Privacy |Terms of Use


Check it out at:
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