vsomanv 12/5/2012 | 4:06:09 PM
re: Starent Blazes Q1 Trail

that is quite some revenue... so roughly Starent turns out to be a 300 Million Dollar Company (per annual revenue)

Now my questions

(1) Is this sustainable? Starent is a Packet Data Gateway Niche vendor. And with ALU reaping benefits of its EPC Solutions and Starent being displaced from its title as the "Sole Supplier to Verizon for Packet Data Gateways", how long will this go on ....

(2) This niche space was devoid of any stringent competition. The real competitor, 3Com turned CommWorks turned UTStarcom turned Star Solutions seem to be have vanished.

(3) Stoke has received $65M in funding. WiChorus is also on similar lines. And what are they building? ASN Gateways and LTE EPC Solutions. They plan to enter this Wireless Data Gateway business in a big way. They would also be giving a tough competition apart from ALU, NSN, Ericsson/Redback, Juniper, Cisco and the likes.

(4) Starent's IMS is not so heard of. Though they have tried to build on their TAC of the ST platform. They had initial Media Servers and IVR systems possibly on which they would like to build on and get into the domain of IMS delivering systems like P/I/S-CSCF, MRFP/C, AS and the likes... They have keen interest in a partnership with mavenir, for their convergence platform.

Starent's progress is above all these challenges and constraints for the time being. They would continue to rake in revenues, and make it a tougher battleground for the competition...

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