jacksullivan66 12/5/2012 | 2:06:25 AM
re: Staccato Raises $20M Nearly a year ago, in response to a posting of the 2003 Unstrung Top 25's inclusion of Xtreme Spectrum, I touted a "bleeding edge" UWB fabless semiconductor company called Discrete Time Communications as a better long term play, and announced Bluetooth "officially dead" within 4 years time.


Based on Staccato Communications announcement the other day of their successful 2nd round of financing for $20M, and considering Xtreme Spectrum no longer exists (after getting bought by Motorola at a fire sale price), it's now clear which company had the better business model. In addition, with regard to the recent announcements by the MBOA of a Wireless USB initiative, Bluetooth's demise is no longer speculation, just a matter of timing....

Back to Staccato - their investor group and executive team should be commended for their strong execution in not only seeking out the "right" partners, but in also helping lead those partners toward the proper path forward. Both from a market perspective, and a technology perspective... It's refreshing to see a startup with a very clear and compelling vision execute well - and then be rewarded for for it.

Consider this post the first lobbying effort for Staccato Communications inclusion in the 2004 version of the Unstrung Top 25. The slight from the Unstrung Editors last year was understandable. This year, it would be inexcuseable...
IPobserver 12/5/2012 | 2:06:23 AM
re: Staccato Raises $20M I understand there's another big(ish) UWB funding round in the works... stay tuned.

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