QA Thought Leaders 12/5/2012 | 5:18:40 PM
re: Spirent Rises to Cloud Testing Challenge

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have a look on it :-

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<td class="xl66" height="59" style="height: 44.25pt; width: 581pt;" width="775">Cloud testing is basically about using cloud infrastructure for testing. Organizations performing different types of testing like general testing, load testing, performance testing etc. are challenged by several problems like limited budget, meeting deadlines, high costs per test, large number of test cases, and little or no reuse of tests and this is where cloud testing comes into play. Organizations simulate real users by using cloud testing services. Following are the phases involved for testing applications using cloud testing methodology:

&sect; Different user scenarios are developed
&sect; Test cases are designed on the basis of user scenarios
&sect; For testing the application a Cloud service provider is chosen
&sect; Infrastructure as required is setup on the cloud
&sect; After everything has been setup, the testing process starts
&sect; While testing the application the testers need keep testing goals in mind
&sect; The final phase is to deliver and analyze the results
digits 12/5/2012 | 4:37:43 PM
re: Spirent Rises to Cloud Testing Challenge

This is going to be a killer area in the development of cloud services -- SLA demands are going to be very tight and tough to monitor. Any company that can come up with a cloud service assurance package that has strong capabilities in terms of proactive alerts -- identifying potential problems before they start to impact service quality/availability -- is going to be in a strong position.&nbsp;

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