Kevin Mitchell 12/4/2012 | 11:14:19 PM
re: Sources: SBC Multiservice RFP Killed This article seems to be talking about 2 things. Is this a RFP for the convergence of FR/ATM over MPLS or about a new DSL aggregation network that brings IP and BRAS closer to the end user (+á la the whole DSL Forum WT-081 document).

Copper Mountain ain't got no router and would never be considered for a MPLS convergence play. Judging from the companies mentioned, it must be for the DSL aggregation network and not general multiservice convergence.

Multiservice appears to the overused once again!
ftthexpert 12/4/2012 | 11:14:17 PM
re: Sources: SBC Multiservice RFP Killed One of lessons learned from Verizon FTTP project, is that are not going to increase their overall $ spending, but rather move budget from other project to FTTP. Is this the direction of SBC ?
sigesux 12/4/2012 | 11:14:16 PM
re: Sources: SBC Multiservice RFP Killed I think your right about the budget reallocation but wrong about where the money is going. My bet is SBC spends heavy on wireless, including WiFi hotspots and allocates any money left to DSL and ADSL2+ build-out. Sorry no $ for FTTU at SBC!!

Even if they were to go ahead with FTTU, SBC wants to deploy Alcatel's solution, unfortunately with Verizon breaking ranks there is insufficient volume to justify Alcatel's redesign of their current solution. Catch22, there is no way that SBC starts a major deployment of $800 ONT's and insufficient volume to justify the development of a $150 ONT to compete.
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