Gabriel Brown 12/5/2012 | 4:09:21 PM
re: Review: Netbooks & Integrated 3G

Does anyone else have a Mini or netbook?* What do you think?

Product info on the Vodafone site is here: http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mobile-broadband-devices/netbook.

<sub>* I reviewed a test unit, which-áI returned.</sub>

gbennett 12/5/2012 | 4:08:18 PM
re: Review: Netbooks & Integrated 3G

Hi Gabe,

Enjoyed the review.-á Three questions:

<li>How much power does the integrated 3G consume?-á I ask because I noticed that my external 3G dongle drains the batteries very quickly on my laptop.</li>
<li>Which O/S would you suggest rather than XP?-á I got the impression you were thinking performance wasn't briliant.-á I'm surprised at that because XP on a 1.6GHz Atom should be pretty zippy (at least until your registry gets clogged up in a few months time).-á Vista would run like a dog with a two broken legs.-á Windows 7 might be faster than Vista, but we can't be sure as it's still in Beta.-á Linux and Android do not-áhave a viable Powerpoint-áalternative (Open Office Impress is dreadful, absolutely unusable).-á Symbian likewise has no viable Powerpoint alternative.-á I would love OSX and iWork, but Apple doesn't have a Netbook.-á And by the way - the reason I'm stressing Powerpoint is that it is a critical application for these highly portable devices - we're going to be using them to present slides!-á We need an open office version of KeyNote so I can get rid of Windows once and for all!</li>
<li>What does "pre-integrated" mean?-á If we assume that "integrated" means "already bult in", does "pre-integrated" mean "before it was already built in"?-á :-)</li>

You'll be saying "pre-existing" and using "leverage" as a verb next :-)

But seriously these machines are going to be a huge part of our future computing landscape, and the mobile connectivity is key.



Gabriel Brown 12/5/2012 | 4:08:08 PM
re: Review: Netbooks & Integrated 3G

Hi Geoff,

1/ I don&rsquo;t think integrated modules consume any less or more power than external dongles. They&rsquo;re pretty much the same thing.

3G does impact the battery life of a laptop/netbook, but I find it&rsquo;s not too bad. It depends on what you&rsquo;re doing. A &ldquo;connected&rdquo; 3G device in idle mode really isn&rsquo;t too bad, but if your device is constantly active (e.g. streaming video), then you will use a lot of power.

Networks can tweak these idle-to-active transitions. There are also new features coming to HSPA in R8 that will help with power consumption, state transitions, and latency. It will be a few years &lsquo;till that works through to end-users, through.

2/ Even though it&rsquo;s a 1.6 GHz processor it feels a lot slower. The problem I have with XP on this form-factor is the time it takes to hibernate and wake-up. This is painful with XP and just doesn&rsquo;t work on a portable/mobile device. A smart-phone OS is&nbsp;designed to be regularly on/off and&nbsp;is much more suited to the use-case.

Hobbyists are buying netbooks and installing OSX on them, so that might work for you.

3/ Whoops. I suppose you could integrate a modem module into a&nbsp;laptop you already own, but &ldquo;pre-integrated&rdquo; was a mistake.



gbennett 12/5/2012 | 4:08:02 PM
re: Review: Netbooks & Integrated 3G

Hi Gabe,
I totally agree about the XP sleeping &amp; waking.&nbsp; I don't know if it's just my perception, but I think one of the XP security updates in the past 12 months must have slowed it down.&nbsp; In the past XP seemed to sleep and wake relatively quickly.&nbsp; Now when I close the lid of my laptop, half the time it doesn't sleep at all, and just runs the battery down in my rucksack.&nbsp; And this is a fairly new install of XP.

I downloaded the Kalyway OSX load and have tried it on my desktop PC.&nbsp; It's a bit fussy about video drivers.&nbsp; I wonder if a Netbook with the integrated video chips would run it OK?&nbsp; Acer are supposed to be introducing a new Aspire One with an updated video chip that "can run Vista Premium".&nbsp; If it has that much horsepower then OSX should fly on it :-)

It would be better if Apple could come to market with a decent Netbook, with a trimmed down OSX, KeyNote, gosh now I'm dreaming :-)



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