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farpoint 12/5/2012 | 3:32:31 AM
re: Reliance Plans $7B GSM Build-Out There are two issues here. One is the value in OFDM is perceived to be less under the influence of Qualcomm (or any other vendor) than is the case with CDMA. OFDM is also better suited to the larger bandwiths (20+ MHz.) that will typify next-generation deployments. Most importantly, though, 4G will provision more raw capacity than 3G, meaning more users on the air and higher throughput availability per user. If nothing else, that at least improves a carrier's competitive position regarding the services they can offer, and will perhaps offer an ROI advantage as well.

Make no mistake - 3G (and 2G, for that matter) will be around for many years. But it's very clear that once the technology of real wide-area broadband is available, that's where the industry is going.

BTW - we define 4G as all-IP, meaning that voice and video services are delivered that way as well. This makes bandwidth-allocation decisions much more straightforward than is the the case with 3G - which is, after all, still a telephony system at heart.

Thx. Craig.
lrmobile_millomar 12/5/2012 | 3:32:26 AM
re: Reliance Plans $7B GSM Build-Out As far as I can see vendors of 3G equipment have been reasonably successful getting the operators to buy that equipment. However, with very few exceptions, the operators have failed in making "more data" a compelling value for their customers. People want to use their phones to make voice calls and to send text messages because they are cheap. MMS, video calling, surfing the net and watching cricket highlights have all failed to garner much demand even in aggregate. This makes a very poor business case for moving to 4G. It is not a good business case to replace perfectly good equipment that is not used to anything like capacity with equipment that has even more capacity that will not be used! It doesn't matter if you are a new entrant or an existing player.
"New technology" does not equal "better business case" or we would have been using AT&T's video phone for more than 25 years.
So Craig why would you spend on a new network?
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