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Kevin Mitchell 12/5/2012 | 3:51:19 AM
re: Reef Point Lands $21M, Gets Woody What exactly is the handover function? How does it work?

The issue is that people assume IPSec equals security. This tunnel mode IPSec as defined by 3GPP for UMA is for creating a signaling path through open broadband networks. It does not protect the SP's network or resources from attack. It can protect users from man-in-the-middle snooping and enable privacy, but doesn't provide comprehensive security for the endpoint or the SP network.
fmc_man 12/5/2012 | 3:51:14 AM
re: Reef Point Lands $21M, Gets Woody Handover function (UMA, VCC, ODC, etc) are well documented in the industry (and certainly better than I could explain here..)

And again, I am not debating there is more to security than IPSec.

Point is that security and mobility need to be integrated to be effective. In fairness, this was not the requirement when many of these SBC and security gateway companies designed their products several years ago.

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