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wavefront 12/5/2012 | 3:13:13 PM
re: Product Roundup: WiFi Strikes Back I agree that Trapeze is over-hyping this feature, especially by calling it an architecture.

On the otherhand, eliminating the need for a switch in each branch can be pretty significant. Consider a multi-national retailer where each branch is a store.
meshsecurity 12/5/2012 | 3:13:12 PM
re: Product Roundup: WiFi Strikes Back I do believe that REAP was the first product in this space, was done by Airespace a few years ago on the fly. With Aruba keeping up with Cisco and blowing dust in the face of the rest of the pack? Maybe, maybe not...I think that the CTO office at Aruba has been beefing up and they are looking at some interesting trends in wireless, but truth be told they missed the boat on wireless innovation with outdoor offerings and location-based services. My hat off to Aruba CTO office for getting more aggressive on the standards and next-gen front these days.

I would think that they should stay on track with the WSN work that they seem to be exploring. If they pursue that course with ernest then they may "REAP" some rewards in the coming years. Remember, Cisco is not moving at lightening speed...very slow. Aruba can beat them on the next wave with new funding from an IPO, and set the course.

WSN's are not as difficult as you think and there is a real argument there in the enterprise data center and co-lo's. Look there for the next wave...it's there.

I know, I am on my WSN kick these days...
lrmobile_strungup 12/5/2012 | 3:13:11 PM
re: Product Roundup: WiFi Strikes Back I don't buy that explanation at all. If the latency and jitter comes from the intranet with clients that are within 2 hops of each other, then there is a bigger problems in the network than this feature is trying to solve. IRRELEVANT.

Now if the Trapeze WLAN switch is unable to handle the load and wants to offload some work to the APs, that would make more sense.
lrmobile_strungup 12/5/2012 | 3:13:11 PM
re: Product Roundup: WiFi Strikes Back If Aruba has something similar, then they sure suck at marketing it. In any case Trapeze's solution sounds a lot more customizable for specific applications. The question remains though on how relevant it really is.

CleanSheet 12/5/2012 | 3:12:43 PM
re: Product Roundup: WiFi Strikes Back They announced new funding bringing total raised close to $100 million. The board grew and it turns out the new additions were the old (except they are with new firms) and the old investors injected new names to hold their place.

More interesting is what they did not say. Meru lost their VP of Marketing hired about a year ago and announced with much fanfare. In the last year or so Meru has lost its CFO, VP-Eng, VP-Marketing, and others. Some of those positions remain unfilled. In an Orwellian twist, the previous VP-International Sales and Corp Strategy (in a company already with a separate VP-Worldwide Sales) has been promoted and is now a Senior VP with Marketing under him but no International Sales! Word has it that the few candidates bold enough to consider Meru and interview there find the company very dysfunctional and employee morale very low.

Has anyone else noticed what's going on at Meru?
meshsecurity 12/5/2012 | 3:12:41 PM
re: Product Roundup: WiFi Strikes Back Mr. Cohen,

Back from the Middle East and spouting of stuff. Impressive....

Look, if I were a thinking man I would not worry my a*&&*
off worring about Meru's release or management organization, but about WSN security. Some interesting s(**&* there. Really. Classic.....


lrmobile_beacon 12/5/2012 | 3:12:33 PM
re: Product Roundup: WiFi Strikes Back Wow. Extremely defensive there Mesh...

I really do wonder why so many executives have left Meru and why Mesh (who seems to work for Meru) is so defensive about it.

Also noticed that Meru has never reported their revenue numbers, despite claims of success. Anyone have an idea if they have had much success in the market beyond small installations?
maynard41 12/5/2012 | 3:11:03 PM
re: Product Roundup: WiFi Strikes Back If you believe that you do not have an axe to grind, then you are seriously kidding yourself. Take a look at your postings and reconsider. Why so much anger towards Meru? Some of your statements are half truths so can be deceiving.
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