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splitEndz 12/4/2012 | 9:49:50 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff re:Why is TDMA PON mutually exclusive to WDM PON?

I didn't say that. A WDM PON could utilitze TDMA within wavelengths if one wished.

re: Why is it just glorified HFC?

It's operationally the same as a 2-way HFC data network unless you choose to get down in the operational mud. Glorified because of the excessive press hype PON has received in the past couple years, as though it were something new and innovative with indisputable advantages for all scenarios.

re: Please explain in some detail.

Maybe some other time. I have a day job. Possibly in the coming weekend.

re: Why would TDMA PON be more expensive to deploy than WDM PON (don't both involve the primary expense of pulling the fiber)? Please explain - perhaps on the new forum's website?

Never made that statement. If anything I stated the opposite as the current status.

re: It seems to me that the primary barrier is the perceived cost of deploying fiber (FTTB or FTTH). The gear can be swapped out or upgraded - it certainly has with phone and cable networks.

Swapped out or upgraded? Please explain in some detail ;o) all the operations, costs, time, and customer down time in such an operation applied to a TDMA PON "upgrade." PS you forgot "just add another wavelength," which is also asserted in nearly all the PON articles as an innocuous finger-snap operation.

re: I hope the forum makes some strides in delving into meaningful technical and application differences among the PONderers and include some of the copper alternatives for the enlightenment of the website visitors. I hope the -unsupported- opinions and statements take a back seat.

Why do you think this forum will be any different than, better than, or more forthcoming than any of the bazillions of such articles, papers, research reports etc that are already available? I must have 3-4 dozen such documents on PON and various subsets thereof. The fact is that TDMA-PON is the right answer under a certain set of deployment assumptions (some of which involve predicting the future), and not the right answer for others. The decision matrix is multi-dimensional and not all the boundaries are crisp. You can even make or kill the economic case for TDMA-PON by switching between lumped and distributed splitter configurations for a given split ratio.

standardsarefun 12/4/2012 | 9:49:04 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff [FLAME ON]
How on Earth can someone be so USA centric to declare that Rome and London are "exotic places"! Please get real - the world is a big place and both vendors and their clients (remember them - the ones that buy stuff) come from all over the place. Any forum that wants to remain 100% USA is doomed to fail in this global market place.
[email protected] 12/4/2012 | 9:46:50 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff Maybe the headline should instead say:

PON Pushers Blow!


Road Trip 12/4/2012 | 9:46:46 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff Maybe the headline should instead say:

PON Pushers Blow!


[email protected], you left out:

"I'll be here all week. Make sure you tip your waiters and waitresses. They're out there working hard, too."
optical Mike 12/4/2012 | 9:44:35 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff http://currentissue.telephonyo...
Road Trip 12/4/2012 | 9:44:32 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff This article is a little dated (May '01). I wonder what the outlook is today?
broadbandboy 12/4/2012 | 9:44:32 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff I'm having a problem with that article. It does not appear to begin at the beginning.

Anybody else notice the same thing?

What I did see looks good, although it is over a year old (Spring 2001). Wonder if numbers are still valid?

optical Mike 12/4/2012 | 9:44:30 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff At the time of the article the premium for laying fiber instead of was copper 25%, from recent deployments I have been informed today the price is much closer.

More recent article

optical Mike 12/4/2012 | 9:44:29 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff http://fibers.org/articles/new...
Road Trip 12/4/2012 | 9:44:29 PM
re: PON Pushers Huff and Puff And another one.

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