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kampar 12/4/2012 | 10:01:44 PM
re: Pluris Shutdown Confirmed
>I never liked those French... (Just kidding-well no not really)

lol. i seem to remember that a certain french company acquired certain digital cross-connect technology and products from a very american source - somewhere around june 1998 for $4Bn or so - namely DSC out of texas ...... but I guess we could blame the french anyway!
Light-bulb 12/4/2012 | 10:01:41 PM
re: Pluris Shutdown Confirmed Very Valid JB. You have to have an alternate source. Make sure you don't have a Drive-by looting! Yes we've all seen it happen. Very valid point.
My question to the audience still... "Would you want a Startup, a box with zippo live traffic on it, that scales to 200k VT grooming sitting in the Core of your network? Would you be willing to be the first FOA for it??"

52616 12/4/2012 | 10:01:36 PM
re: Pluris Shutdown Confirmed Light-bulb,

You must work for one of the incumbents. If you don't, you sure sound like you do.
wilecoyote 12/4/2012 | 10:01:35 PM
re: Pluris Shutdown Confirmed Well, light-bulb clearly makes sense. Carriers are more likely to make bets on private, small companies in edge type applications, access as an example, MAYBE edge routing. But when's the last time a large cross connect was deployed in a real carrier's network (not CLEC) that was built by a startup?

I personally believe Polaris has a fairly strong proposition but most likely as part of a larger company. CSCO will buy them is my prediction.
Light-bulb 12/4/2012 | 10:01:21 PM
re: Pluris Shutdown Confirmed :) No I give you my word I do not work for an RBOC. I'm merely asking the opinion of the audience?
As to Cisco Buying Polaris it makes sense for only one reason... Well really several if you count the exec ties. Cisco is working on it next Gen Cross-Connect Probably code Named "CXC" for Cisco Cross-Connect, but it won't have VT grooming capability. Basically a Coredirector with Cisco Name. So something with Dense VT grooming makes good sense... the problem??? Does Polaris have a Real working VT grooming capability?

"Just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll Tootsie pop?"

Aha, The world May never know...

wilecoyote 12/4/2012 | 10:01:19 PM
re: Pluris Shutdown Confirmed Are getting cancelled left and right. I know of about 7 that are either DOA or getting yanked as I write this note. Serious projects with an average of around 50-100 engineers, $10-30M budgets.

So, show me one new product at CSCO including CXC that even if it does get out, anyone will buy. Oh boy! Andiamo will ship 24 months from now even though not one sales guy at CSCO can spell "storage." Lemme at 'em!

Two facts about Cisco:

1) They're becoming bottom feeders in acquisitions. Now they've let the JNPR genie out of the bottle and it's a lingering problem. There are other real genies out there but CSCO won't buy them because the price is too high and now the startups and their backers are pissed at CSCO and are preparing to sell to others just to spite CSCO. JUnisphere, Riverstone and Foundry and even a couple of startups are beating them in meaningful accounts, they are getting eaten alive at the edge of the network (even little invisible Luminous is kicking their ass in 2 or 3 deals I know of), Extreme is for real in enterprise side, etc. No wonder Nuti bailed. And yes, he bailed. He WAS NOT FIRED. AYR, Navarro, Hammerhead? Who cares? CSCO is looking fairly clueless right now, balance sheet notwithstanding. I've always said it: besides the aging Catalyst franchise, and the vulnerable GSR, they are weak in a LOT of categories.

2)The good innovative, creative VPs of Engineering like Vu Ngyyen are out building better mousetraps. Can they survive long enough to matter? I'll bet on those boxes with other labels on them like Tellabs, ALA, NEC, Fujitsu, etc. vs. standalone brand, against CSCO products any day of the week.

Wake up CSCO. Or better yet, rockabye baby.
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