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The Ramones 12/4/2012 | 8:25:07 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up Looked at these guys. Very chaotic company. Only thing somewhat clear is their involvement in SAN.

I'm afraid these guys will be yet another God-box death. Optics side really, really weak.

I don't think their relationship with LR will keep them from the inevitable.
windrydr 12/4/2012 | 8:25:05 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up Opto-Prozac, isn't it time for you to take more medication ?
Where do you get your facts ? Name one executive who has left Alidian in the past 2 years ?
Great Guns 12/4/2012 | 8:25:04 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up A re-seller agreement is usually the last gasp of a struggling company. EG - Mayan.
Opto-Prozac 12/4/2012 | 8:24:59 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up Really wanna awaken the sleeping tiger?
Well, the story starts with a Rent-a-CEO and Rent-a-VP Marketing, and continues with several personnel changes. Should I list them here?
Should I move into which potential acquirers looked at us, laughed and left?
Should we then move on to the main course, which consists of tons of roadmap slips, internal bickering, etc?
My point here - Alidian has much more dirty laundry. Stop issuing releases without substance, snag a real deal, and make something of my 10 vested options.
wildcard 12/4/2012 | 8:24:55 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up Opto-P

I donGÇÖt get your venom either. With a big brother like Siemens, this little ole start up may be a shinning jewel just not polished all the way yet.

If you donGÇÖt get out much and have not heard of Seimens they are basically a banking concern that dabbles in a whole bunch of every kind of thing. They must smell something at Alidian, and it canGÇÖt be too repugnant.

Things are going to get real wild soon.


windrydr 12/4/2012 | 8:24:49 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up Opto-Prozac your an idiot and not worthy of the time ...you know nothing and claim to know everything.
DougP 12/4/2012 | 8:24:48 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up Just a note - I know some of the people at Alidian as well as a slew of other people in the industry, being in it for over 22 years and buying and installing telecom networks all over the world.

OptoP is way off base. Sounds like a disgruntled layoff casualty - or maybe one that should be canned.

- Alidian has had the same management team since it was put in place shortly after the founders started it up. Bart Shigamura, Owen Frances, and Bob Lefkowitz are hardly "rentals" given their track record at Premisys, Newbridge, Yurie, Lucent and other companies. The founders just brought in seasoned management at the right time.

- They have enough cash to make it, notwithstanding the Siemans deal, which provides a significant shot in the arm.

- Their approach to multiservices, and embracing new types such as SANS and ESCON exhibit good leadership in product development.

- Also check out their patent portfolio.

The vitriol in this list is way off base. I agree with some other comments that OptoP needs more prozac or at least an industry change. Try farming dude, its less brainwork.
BBBoa 12/4/2012 | 8:24:45 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up I would have to agree with DougP. Opto-Prozac is a loon. Alidian's Exec Team is 100% intact - his accusations are completely unfounded.

Opto-Prozac: once again, you've shot yourself in the foot. What little credibility you had continues to dwindle. Come back when you have some FACTS to share. So I suppose we won't be hearing from you again. Okay, I'm done wasting keystrokes on this moron.........back to the REAL subject....

It's apparent their product development is moving forward as I have seen them in several labs; carrier labs, where the testing is long, slow and methodical. The lab people I've spoken to have a lot of good things to say about Alidian. Their multi-protocol lambda support works - plain and simple. Where they're running into problems is the overall telco market slowdown.

I think this announcement with Optisphere/Siemens is very positive for them. Given the softness in the domestic market for the next 6 to 9 months, the Siemens channel opens some big opportunities for Alidian to sell to the Int'l telcos - one of Siemen's strengths.

My company is not competitive to them, but we are in a similar space (Optical LH/ULH) and have considered partnering with them for joint bids, etc... (we've also looked at LuxN, Astral Point, Metro-Optix, and others). I consider them a very strong player and they should be around for quite some time.

Collapse This 12/4/2012 | 8:24:44 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up Prozac:

Everything you mention is true, but the management turnover thing is a little old (Jaeger and Company bolted a long time ago.)

I think every member of Alidian management has taken an alias on this board to bash you.

The company is not commercially viable. It was won 0 RFP's and is dying slowly. Glad I got the hell out of there.

Yep - they've got dirty laundry and it stinks to High Heaven.

Why don't we use this board as a support group? They can't whitewash their problems through paid LR advertising. This "leaked" article is so bogus.
laserman 12/4/2012 | 8:23:49 PM
re: Optisphere, Alidian Team Up I like their ability to transport over 8 different protocols on the same wavelength without converting into SONET. Also their add/drop of wavelengths involves little latency.
I heard that they have some good management who came from Lucent. I havent seen their product, but these comments are based on my general industry knowledge.

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