rafaelg 12/4/2012 | 10:20:30 PM
re: OFS Drags Down Furukawa With all the patents that were acquired by FURUKAWA, they still payed a bargain price for a major fiber mfg. business. At the time of sale, Corning, JDS, etc., were also interested in the bids. Valued at 8B to 10B in early 2001, OFS has major developments in the ALLWAVE and TRUEWAVE brand, which will be in high demand (for Metro as well as DWLH)once the telecom environment stabilizes. I truly believe that LU only sold OFS in desperation.
Dr.Q 12/4/2012 | 10:20:28 PM
re: OFS Drags Down Furukawa Furukawa is learning that the cost structure of the Norcross fiber production factory is enormously higher on a per-kilometer basis than Corning. Norcross has survived this long by being 'strategic' to AT&T, then by being 'strategic' to Lucent, then by selling all their production capacity during the 1997-2000 frenzy.

Fiber production is not cheap, especially if the operation is inefficent.


hotlantalover 12/4/2012 | 10:18:54 PM
re: OFS Drags Down Furukawa I actually work at the Norcross facility. Here's what I have observed. Prior to the inception of Furukawa, most of the Lucent personnel left. All the most experienced and knowledgeable people were encouraged to leave. They were even offered monetary incentive. Now the Engineering and the Management staff are educated but seriously inexperienced. They are not working in concert. I sometimes wonder if they will be able to work through this in time to save the thousands of jobs at stake. It doesnGÇÖt look good on the inside.