edgecore 12/4/2012 | 10:57:13 PM
re: Nortel Puts On a Brave Face
Does anybody else have stats that talk to the issue of circuit vs packet traffic? I thought we were already up to 50/50, but what do I know :-)

I am very interested in reading up to date studies regarding this topic.



fsubob 12/4/2012 | 10:56:58 PM
re: Nortel Puts On a Brave Face Mary - you'd prefer to be BSed by Cisco financial reporting than have someone say "Truthfully no one can say when the market will get better"; if you could, you'd be rich...
gea 12/4/2012 | 10:56:57 PM
re: Nortel Puts On a Brave Face That 50/50 figure was for data vs voice, not data vs circuit.
Basically, the network is still overwhelmingly circuit-switched (ie, DS-0/1/3), but more than 50% of these circuits contain data.

As for how much of the network is non-circuit-switched, I think this is a tougher question to answer. First, do you consider ATM a form of circuit switching? If not, then the figure's got to be fairly high (but remember, a lot of this ATM traffic is circuit-emulated DS1/3s). If not, then the figure is very low, because only a few networks are really based on OC-48c/192c MPLS packet pipes. And then I have no idea if a network like Quest's (which supposedly has a lot of MPLS) is running circuit emulated traffic, or are these truly packetized services?

Anyone know?
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