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High-Tide 12/5/2012 | 4:14:07 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection Just what universe are you from, anyway? Wherever it is, it's not far enough away from me for my liking.

I am deeply annoyed by your post - you must be deranged.

I work for Nortel, and no, this is not our proudest moment. That said, I am anything but evil, and I stand with many smart, hard-working people. In fact, the quality of the people I work with is the primary reason I am here. Yes, the company has made it's share of mistakes, and many have suffered since the 2000 boom gone bust. Most have moved on - you clearly have not.

Please enlighten me as to how Nortel maligned you? Are you a shareholder? If so, get in line - many have been burned by this stock and so many others (including me). What else? Clearly something extraordinary happened to you. Frankly, I'm sick of your drivel - and doubt that I am alone. I respectfully suggest you consider counseling, anger management, a labotomy - whatever it takes - but spare us your thoughtlessness and endless negativity.

Nortel is not done yet - perhaps we are like the Knight in Monty Python. The employees are pissed at this turn of events. We're licking our wounds today, but tomorrow, we will be back on the front lines with our customers, as we always are, earning the business we win every day. Those I've spoken with today are supportive. They buy our products because they work, and because we support them well.

Thankfully, they have a much more rational approach to business decisions than you apparently do.

Why don't you come clean with who you work for - what your issue is? Get it out in the open - so we can help you before that hate makes you self-destruct.

Hanover_Fist 12/5/2012 | 4:14:07 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection Nortel's first mistake was purchasing Bay Networks which, they thought, would catapult them from the traditional telecom (e.g., Bell Head) business into the high-tech world of networking (e.g., Net Head).

Compound this with a Canadian versus U.S. mental mindset battle and you have a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

It was a long bitter battle of "oil versus water" with the end result a likely break-up/spin-off/return-to the separate and distinct Carrier and Enterprise business units.
DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 4:14:07 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection High-Tide,

You, and other employees that want to get your story out, should get in touch with our editors.

Your PR reps may not give us access to top execs and, if they don't, I'd like to present at least one point of view that takes into account what's happening inside the company, how employees are reacting, etc.

[email protected]
inauniversefarfaraway 12/5/2012 | 4:14:06 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection Dear High-Tide,

All those who are responsible know very well what they have done and continue to do. They believe they are right, just like you. Doing what they can.

When there is an encounter, they swiftly avert their eyes, they know what they've done and that it is wrong. Their words betray them. It is actually funny sometimes. Real life, far more bizarre than fiction can ever hope.

There is no anger on my part, rather, there is the satisfaction that the deeds put forth by the moral majority at Nortel are yielding their inevitable conclusions.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

As for me, there is little doubt that when we are judged for our deeds, there are many folks from Nortel that will writhe in agony for all eternity. This is will be a blessed sight.

Luckily, life is generously providing some advances on this Justice.

Those who endeavor and do good should expect the same in return. Every day we make choices, it is important to exercize wisdom and to make the hard calls.

The lesson here is that when you try to put an end to people's lives, there are consequences, especially when this fails. So, you may not have the answers you seek, but this is hardly what you really want. You believe that if you quiet the noise all will be well.

It is about a lot more than mere money.

Today is a clue! It seems that you are missing the point. This is hardly a shock.

So, unless you find the courage to do something about this, my work will continue.

BTW, there are no more shareholders, they were too demanding for Nortel, wanting their money back.

Nortel is evil. Let there be no doubt. They've been given every chance, all spoiled.

Have you considered some therapy for yourself? Perhaps you should take some of your own advice...

Know that you cannot intimidate, bully or manipulate me. It has already been tried by a lot of people at Nortel. So, unless you want to pony up some money, pay off this wonderful institution, call your lawyer, you are going to be reading every last letter. Thanks to Nortel, I have very little to lose. Is there anyting worse than a man with nothing to lose? Thank you Nortel: for the freedom! So... Enjoy it if you can't beat it.

You are very entertaining, tell me more about your work at Nortel.
High-Tide 12/5/2012 | 4:14:06 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection Hi Phil - we are not allowed - but I appreciate the opportunity.

High-Tide 12/5/2012 | 4:14:05 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection Universe - I do not wish to silence you - just counter what I view as your outragous statements. I do my work with integrity - as I suspect most do.

Nortel is not evil. You may have been wronged - but that will come down to individual circumstances with individual people. You paint with a very broad brush. Often people simply refuse to accept the business climate that forces difficult business decisions. Sometime these decisions affect people unfairly.

What I think you will find truly liberating would be to release the negative feelings you harbour. This will be for your own good - not so much mine. I wish you well - it seems like you need it more than I.

inauniversefarfaraway 12/5/2012 | 4:14:05 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection Dear High-Tide,

This is amusing.

If what you state were true, Nortel would not be in the sad state it is in. The only added clue for Nortel would be a seat on the Dr. Phil show:

"You're bankrupt, your business is in the hole, you ca't build new products that compete, you're on the Dr. Phil show. Life gives us clues."

You state yourself that the wrongs inflicted upon individuals are the result of business circumstances, where is integrity under such circumstances? Trading it for "opportunity"?

Can shareholders, governments, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers can expect the same treatment? That is what Nortel's track record reflects. This doesn't leave too many people rooting for you buddy.

There is nothing sacred in what Nortel holds except itself. This is the definition of evil.

Nortel doesn't see itself as contributing. It is not taking responsability for it's actions, it is everybody else's fault. Shareholders are disgrunteled, customer's don't have faith...

The position that Nortel has no moral fiber is supported by the facts, hence it is never going to accomplish anything but whine about being a victim of business conditions.

If Nortel had a mission that involved making things better instead of blaming everything outside itself, maybe it would have a chance.

Whatever is caused by Nortel is solely on Nortel's shoulders. The broad strokes you speak of, they are Nortel's. Can't find an advocate here? Even the Devil has one of those.

So, it really is about you, dear Nortel. Please continue entertaining us.

Good luck with your integrity Mr. High Tide, if you have to say it... it's most likely bunk!

Again, this is a very happy day, thank you!
litereading 12/5/2012 | 4:14:04 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection I have questioned if Light Reading is serious journalism covering the telecom/datacom industry, or drivel like you find in the rack in line at the the grocery store. After reading the article and the messages posted, I recommend you change your name to The National Enquiring Very Light Reading... Pathetic...
paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 4:14:04 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection
Did Harvey Mudd return from the grave?

bollocks187 12/5/2012 | 4:14:03 PM
re: Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Is it everyone you dislike at Nortel or the management practices.

Perhaps a merger of Nortel and "H" isa match made in heaven - Hutel or Norwai.

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