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standardsarefun 12/4/2012 | 9:19:31 PM
re: Nokia Promises EDGEy 2003 Some of the previous posts seem to have missed a few points:

1) EDGE is not something separate from GPRS it is simply a new set of channel codes (and a new modulation). A phone that "does" EDGE must also "do" GPRS and the vendor would have to be stupid to not also "do" GSM voice. Same thing applies to base stations and so you will not need a have "EDGE carriers" and "GSM/GPRS carriers" but would tend to have "old carriers" (GSM/GPRS only) and "new carriers" (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) and so the traffic engineering is not as hard

2) Cell edges would tend to use the "old" channel codes (long live CS1) with the middles of "EDGEd" cells using the "new" (EDGE) channel codes. This means that your cell engineering remains the same (no new cell sites to deploy EDGE except for normal cell splitting as the traffic builds up).

3) BUT the average (over time and over all users) bitrate will not be enormously bigger (my earlier posting suggested x2 only).

4) You could do better if you deployed EDGE only carriers (no voice or normal GPRS terminals would be assigned to them) but then you would either need smaller cells or a wider reuse pattern and I don't see an operator having the spectrum unless them deployed this in rural areas using their 3G licences
WirelessUndertaker 12/4/2012 | 9:19:21 PM
re: Nokia Promises EDGEy 2003 > 1) EDGE is not something separate from GPRS it is simply a new set of channel codes (and a new modulation). A phone that "does" EDGE must also "do" GPRS

Actually this is not true. EDGE can run on both circuit switched (called E-CSD) and packet switched (called E-GPRS). In other words, the EDGE modulation and coding schemes can be applied to both circuit switched and packet switched GSM networks. In the circuit switched mode, you'll need high speed circuit switch data (HPCSD) to support EDGE rates.
spc_King 12/4/2012 | 9:19:08 PM
re: Nokia Promises EDGEy 2003 The final nit-pick on EDGE:

I agree with both 'standardsarefun' and 'wirelessundertaker's comments and will add: you can even add AMR to both regular GSM (GMSK modulation) as well as an EDGE variant AMR solution (using 8-PSK for voice as well as data (CSD/GPRS)).
I've seen test results indicating 50% datarate increases using EGPRS coding schemes over and beyond CS-2 GPRS for the same cell radius that AMR 12.2 would be used (that is probably as big or even bigger cell radius than in current cells for networks using FR/EFR codecs).
At 80% of the AMR 12.2 radius you get x2 data rates using EGPRS and at 20% of AMR12.2 cell radius you get the full x3 datarate increase.

AMR using 8-PSK is GERAN 3GPP release 5 stuff and some time away, though. However. AMR using GMSK has been standardized since ETSI'98.

I don't think 'berzerk' has any more valid excuses why operators shouldn't use EDGE, especially considering the recent press-release on Nokia EDGE handsets - Eat your hart out, Berzerk! :-)

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