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kokoro 12/4/2012 | 11:05:48 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? I can't understand the chorus against tomorrow.

I'd be curious to know what you anticipated for 10 Gb/s market not many years ago.
We'll need tunability, we'll need PMD compensation and more than this. We'll need 40 Gb/s and more than this.
The only question that makes sense is probably when. I've no answer today.
And you?
Please let me also know if you have a web site for your crystal ball...

temporary 12/4/2012 | 11:04:32 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? I am a little confused about the need for bigger pipes.
Bigger pipes mean lower latency and fewer switches, but it isn't there a law of dimishing returns here?
endof tunnel 12/4/2012 | 11:04:31 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? Nortel did a survey on PMD from fiber plants of 12 customers (publioshed at last NFOEC) and said good fibers after 1994 don't need to compensate PMD even for 40G. Many companies now believe that PMD compensation will not be needed for the 1st gen 40G networks. For the 2nd gen networks, people will pay some money for PMDC, but the amount per channel may be less or comparable to that for chromatic dispersion compensation. The 2nd gen may what the Santel is after. The 3rd will be the optical compensation but it will be years away and the cost will be manageable.

However, for 40G network of even the 1st gen. tunable chromatic dispersion is needed to at least level the temperature effect. Fiber in groud will experience 20 to 30 C change from different seasons. Such a temperature change will be to be compensated since the 40G data is so sensitive to mismatch of dispersion.

For 10G signals, tunable dispersion compensation will also be needed for both metro and ULH. Only LH will not need tunability. For metro, the needs will arrive when switching is here to compensate length difference before and after switching. For ULH, it is for compensating the temperature effect and dispersion slope effect after 3000 km. For standstard LH (500 to 2000 km), dispersion compensating fiber without any tunability will be sufficient.
HarveyMudd 12/4/2012 | 7:23:17 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? The death of Yaho was expected because of the fast decline of the optical networking industry. There is not much need for the opical networking companies. The company's product is not very attractive,
Litewave 12/4/2012 | 7:23:16 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? Author: HarveyMudd
...optical networking industry. There is not much need for the opical networking companies.

You're right Harvey, theres not much need at all for the opical networking companies.

I just wish I knew what opical was.

ps: sorry folks, I couldn't resist. Merry Christmas, hope you have a laugh or two as well
lightfax 12/4/2012 | 7:23:13 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? Has anybody heard what is happening at Santel Networks? How are they doing? What about Pheathon?

It seems that "TUNABLE" dispersion compensation solution (chromatic and PMD) market is dead after the collapse of Yafo. No one needs "TUNABILITY" it appears. Its very sad.

Oakster 12/4/2012 | 7:23:11 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? ...like a fish needs a bicycle.
BB 12/4/2012 | 7:23:10 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? i interviewed with yafo some time ago...ppl there had attitude without anything to back it up...

their work can be done by a team of twenty...grad students...

but then again their attitude is from the "good old days"...

yafo should change their name to dodo...

btw...got an offer from them but turned it down on...so no sour grapes here...
bigdaddy 12/4/2012 | 7:23:10 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? I heard that Santel is hiring some fine individuals. Both companies are late 2002 to 2003 contenders from the start. Everyone wants revenue, but, when you are making a fix everything tunable solution you plan for the long run.

Stop with the "chicken little" impression already! Saying "No one needs TUNABILITY it appears" is like saying DeLorean failed so - no one needs CARS!

Everyone needs tunability! Everyone wants tunability. The trick is it has to be small and cheap. Single channel solutions are not likely to be either real soon. But then PMD compensation isn't practical unless it's done on a single channel.

or is it???

Talk 12/4/2012 | 7:23:07 PM
re: No Go for Yafo? Most top guy left. Yes, their work can be done by a team of twenty...grad students...

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