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Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner
12/5/2012 | 4:27:14 PM
re: Netflix-EPIX Deal Puts Pressure on Cable

Netflix is trying to push the content boundaries with these window availability delays (it's doing some of this on the DVD side, too, with some of its new studio deals), but to Will's point, do these windows matter all that much? Without factoring in your profession (if you happen to be in the content biz), how many of you really track, or even care to track, these availability windows, and do they even factor into your decision whether to subscribe to a premium channel via cable/telco/satellite, or to cut that off and go with this delayed, but probably cheapter, Netflix option for some of that content? JB

12/5/2012 | 4:27:12 PM
re: Netflix-EPIX Deal Puts Pressure on Cable

at $9/month how many content deals can Netflix sign? my cable bill is $70 for all you can eat. Netflix is $9.  Either they're going to have to add some a la carte pricing (and higher prices) or there is an economics course i missed on having your cake and eating it too.

Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner
12/5/2012 | 4:27:10 PM
re: Netflix-EPIX Deal Puts Pressure on Cable

That's a good point to bring up. I agree that it will be tough for Netflix to keep offering all its streaming content starting at $9/month if it's going to continue to chase top shelf, premium content. At some point, they would have to be losing money, right?  Just hard to know how close they are to that threshold, but it's gotta have an impact on their margins, which might start showing up in the quarterlies soon enough.

Also, more popular content should also drive up streaming costs, which Netflix does not really break down, but those will be factored into the numbers. Granted, Netflix doesn't have to worry much about the sunk costs of the access network, though it's business depends on it.  And, by the way, some are already starting to wonder if Netflix overpaid on this deal, and how that might impact what it can do/add later. JB

12/5/2012 | 4:25:34 PM
re: Netflix-EPIX Deal Puts Pressure on Cable

This deal between Neflix and the providers shows how important the Net Neutrality debate is going to become.  Neflix is currently empowered by "free access" and piggy-backing their content on the customer's internet access.

Now imagine how much better the Netflix product/service could be with a 'dedicated line' downstream.... Yes, it would add costs to providers, but it would probably improve the overall customer experience.  Conversely, if a carrier gave "premium" access to its internal IPTV service over services like NetFlix; that would be a barrier to entry that not many could overcome....

Personally, I am for the providing of "dedicated lines" to content providers.  This would provide the revenue for carriers to improve the overall "broadband" delivery system.  However, this should come with similar restrictions/regulation as allowing intra-lata long distance... Access needs to be equal opportunity.

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