palaeozoic 12/5/2012 | 3:42:56 PM
re: Net Neutrality Gets Its Hearing
Why is it that the vast majority of those in favor of internet regulation (heretofore known as net neutrality) do not and have not built or operatedGÇöor risked capital onGÇöany type of network infrastructure? Similarly, why is it that, for the most part, those in favor of free market approaches (otherwise known as capitalists), actually do build, operate, or invest in network infrastructure?

Why is it that the few Silicon Valley types actually in favor of internet regulation (pretty much limited to the inhabitants of Googleville) seek out help from what many view as the bastion of ludditismGÇöWashington DC? Silicon Valley largely exists as a statement to lumbering bureaucrats: GÇ£give us venture capital, caffeine, and pizza and we can produce anything; we donGÇÖt need handouts from the public trough.GÇ¥ Seeing these same types trek to DC, hat in hand, seeking help from life-forms they once despised is akin to, well, Hillary Clinton seeking foreign policy advise from Dick Cheney.

gigeguy 12/5/2012 | 3:42:54 PM
re: Net Neutrality Gets Its Hearing This is the best comment I've seen on net neutrality since the whole thing started.
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