kumaramitabh 12/5/2012 | 4:42:55 PM
re: MWC Preview: Data Offload to the Rescue As curtains rise on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, expectations are high on the new technologies which will be showcased. There are high expectations from new technologies such as ATSC mobile DTV and FLO which are now making a strong drive in the United States. Both have impeccable parentages : of OMVC and Qualcomm.
However some developments worldwide in being to effectively use technologies for Mobile TV are prompting companies to think analog once again.
The troubles were particularly severe with DVB-H where in Germany the licensed operators returned the license and the service in any other country does not boast of more than a million users. Most of the problems arose owing to the mobile operators not willing to cooperate with mobile TV broadcasters, and instead choosing to provide their own implementations of Mobile TV such as through DVB-T reception. The DVB-T and GPS navigation combos have been most popular devices around half the globe. Another reason has been the availability of handsets for different versions of technology and encryption.
Perhaps taking a cue from this, Telegent systems is demonstrating new chipsets and handsets with analog TV reception ( overcoming many of the initial problems) and also DVB-T( the European and south Asian standard for Digital TV). The new devices support reception of DVB-T/SECAM/PAL/NTSC and are this targeted at all markets.
It does not really affect markets in the US where sun has set on NTSC.
It however brings out very effectively the role of handsets with free to air reception chips as being the prime basis of success of mobile TV as witnessed in Japan and Korea with 80 million and 20 million receivers respectively.
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