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RBMartin 12/5/2012 | 4:08:17 AM
re: Meru Offers RF-Level Security Just to restate: I have no knowledge, much less direction from, Meru's advertising plans on Unstrung or anywhere else.

The microsecond/millisecond issue may be marketing hoopla; I thought it worth reporting because Meru claims to be the first to carry out this type of scanning. As previously posted here, Meru replies that because its jamming techniques interfere with no one except ID'd rogues, they're legal; the FCC may have something different to say about that.

Obivously the goal is scanning and mitigation that do not affect voice QoS. My guess is that neither Meru or Aruba are quite there yet, but we haven't tested this equipment. We will continue to cover future releases of this sort -- in a completely unbiased way, naturally.
wlanner 12/5/2012 | 4:08:17 AM
re: Meru Offers RF-Level Security No matter what magazine or website they all advertise, you've got to pay the bills. Unstrung has ads from everyone so I you can't really say they favor a single company, they just put out Meru's press release (along with most wi-fi media outlets). I think if you go back, you'll see serveral companies that advertise with Unstrung and Unstrung still breaking some "bad" news about them.

The real test of this "jamming" or "containment" will be a nice multi-tenant building. One company with Cisco-Airespace, another with Aruba, then Meru, Bluesocket, Colubris. Then a quite weekend when everyone's away and the machines take over - let's see who's system takes out each other first.
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