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jabberwock 12/4/2012 | 10:13:40 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? > I'm in the dark on the reason Celox chose to
> shutdown St. Louis and not Southborough. Could
> someone please explain?

Officially, it's because there's been a long standing assumption among the top executives that the company needs a presence in the Boston area.

I can't comment on the validity of that assumption, but the fact that almost all of the execs are currently located in Southborough probably also figured strongly into the decision.
jabberwock 12/4/2012 | 10:13:40 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? > Now, what do with my shares??

Do you have a bare spot on the wall that needs wallpapering?

The stock options is the part that really ticks me off. If the company is sold after STL closes, the STL people get screwed on vesting. And even if the company survives, we'll be lucky if our options are worth their weight in toilet paper.

If the company had simply gone under, I'd just say that was the risk I took. But the prospect of the people in SBO getting rich while our carcasses rot in the sun is galling.
lightlogic 12/4/2012 | 10:13:40 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? I've read through all the postings here. If I can believe half of them, I'm in the dark on the reason Celox chose to shutdown St. Louis and not Southborough. Could someone please explain?

If all the engineering talent is in St. Louis, which it appears so, what are they thinking? Considering that the best chance this company has for success is to be sold, who the heck would buy them? They may only end up with 5% of the original St. Louis team, plus a questionable Southborough staff.
Why would a talented engineer from St. Louis follow these guys? Can someone please enlighten us all on this recent action taken by Celox.
yomama 12/4/2012 | 10:13:39 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? The folks in St Louis got shafted. The company was founded in St Louis, the H/W was done in St Louis, 80% of software was done in St Louis, need I gone on? who in their right mind would uproot a family, sell a house and move to Mass to take a chance on Celox and if they did, what's to say Celox won't lay them off in Mass? not to mention the cost of living difference between MO and MA..again St Louis got screwed royally...I hope we all learned something from Celox Networks.

ipo 12/4/2012 | 10:13:36 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? Actually the situation is not that dark. Most of the H1B people, because of the dark side of the force, seem willing to relocate. AFAIK, that's quite a large portion of the engineering team, including some HW guys. There is lesson to learn, I totally agree, for the overlords of both sites.
sdk 12/4/2012 | 10:13:35 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? I certainly agree that during your interview they must not have checked you out too carefully. ;-)
One quick question since you seem to be Johnny on the Spot - During the referenced "year+ slip", who was in charge of software development? Was that a SBO or STL employee?
sdk 12/4/2012 | 10:13:35 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? I think that in this economy that a consolidation between locations probably needed to occur - otherwise the bleeding of VC money goes that much faster. Would it have been better to move all the Boston employees and labs to a crowded location in St Louis? Since the vast majority of the top execs don't even LIVE in MA, I think it be far easier for them to commute to St Louis versus Boston. I think the bottom line is that the hardware guys did one hell of a job, but they did it so well that they put themselves out of a job. Software developers have jobs because the software itself always needs to advance. What's the life expectancy of a hardware developer in a typical startup?
beltway_light 12/4/2012 | 10:13:33 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? >I can't believe how much people are harping over
>this 6-million user thing. Let me make an analogy:
>My PC motherboard has two dual IDE controllers, so
>it can accommodate 8 drives. Assuming I put 10 gig
>drives in it (the norm when I bought it), that's
>enough storage for over 86,000 640x480 color
>bitmaps! That's more images than I'd ever need to
>store. So why did I buy it?

I don't think your analogy is valid at all.
this box the sole purpose is to allow provisioning
of dsl users. If you don't use them for dsl users,
you have hard time to convert them to play games
as the Xbox does.

the valid questions are:
- has any credible source seen this box
doing 6 million simultaneous sessions?
- has anyone asked question about how reliable
a process to keep 6 million PPP sessions
without dropping some?
- does this box have redundant control and
forwarding plans? ISPs would be scard to
death to put a quarter million users on
a single box without redundancy plan.
- if the box goes down(crashes for example),
for 6 million sessions online, can this box
remember all those sessions? and how long it
will take to restore all those 6 million
- assume each user session takes 200 bytes of
memory, for million session, just the memory
requirement for keeping user sessions is
1.2G, how much memory does this box offer?
how to backup those memory in case of box

its much easy to claim something bogus since there
is no users.
glad2Bgone 12/4/2012 | 10:13:31 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? what a great comment. Your so funny - all I know is that I completed tasks on time. It appears that the reward for the SW and HW folks on being ridiculously behind schedule is job security (for some). Great example to set - go ahead and be smug in how pathetic you are. Normal companies show people who can't get the job done the door. What this has done is devastated the cast of support characters in both sites that have seen the back and forth bs between the two sites kill whatever chance we had. Now, all you can do is blame the other guy.

Your resumes must have been filled with comments like "Cant meet a deadline to save my ass" and "haven't hit a deliverable yet". Very accurate

Something else that comes to light is that I'm sick and tired of hearing how great the box is...Unisphere, Redback, Cosine and Shasta still show small, but steady revenue. If the box is so wonderful, why did it seem like no-one was interested in it? Boxes are selling in our space...no?

whatever happens - just remember we all lose...set your site on those who killed it, not their victims.
Twistall 12/4/2012 | 10:13:29 PM
re: Meet Me in Southborough, MA? Just from a casual reading of the posts, it seems that the St Louis crew has better grammar and spelling than their Massachusetts counterparts. Top executives hate that.

Second, would you rather get laid off in Missouri, where there are no high tech jobs, or Massachusetts, where there are no high tech jobs?

My two cents: Celox is going to switch from core routers to bagel toppings. While most use cream cheese or butter, they've identified a market opportunity for salty fish as a cure for "morning mouth" and wanted to get closer to both the supply and the consumer.
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