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Optic_Dude 12/5/2012 | 12:10:01 AM
re: Lucent Retirees Ask Questions The point I was trying to make was that a company culture exists based on the primary influence of its executives and board members (current and former). Lucent is not an old company so, you can't argue that retirees had nothing to do with establishing the culture there. I will go on record to state that Lucent had and has one of the worst cultures of any company I have ever worked for or dealt with.

My business dealings with Lucent saw a company with no leadership, military style organizations of being "yes" men, and a failure to shift from being told what to do while part of AT&T. After the spin-off, they needed to be proactive and drive the company forward but that did not and will not happen when you promote/allow management that has worked under the AT&T "follow orders" umbrella.

What I am frustrated about is management has single handily capitulated the once outstanding talent that existed while milking it for all its worth including exec pay/bonuses. If the executives had real balls, they would offer to work for free to show their commitment to the company but that won't happen when you have a negative culture like Lucent.

The only way this will change is bring in people from outside, but that won't happen because Patticakes (former AT&T) is running the show.


st0 12/5/2012 | 12:10:00 AM
re: Lucent Retirees Ask Questions Good for Lucent. It is lucky to have someone care to fix the mess. Part of the problem in late 90s are lack of mentor system. Fast turn over of the personnel create power vacuum (just look at how many top exec went to start ups, for get rich fast scheme). The other part of problem is gov policy against ATT (started early 80s). After seeing red hot baby like Wcom, globe crossing went south, I guess gov may change their lover for someone still can produce few $ for tax... If LRO does it right, it may be the solution for Lucent. Listen to the old wise guy... better than listen to analysts (they did try that before, hopefully, they learned something from the past experiences).

gea 12/5/2012 | 12:09:59 AM
re: Lucent Retirees Ask Questions Bobby:

All of your base are belong to us.
BobbyMax 12/5/2012 | 12:09:59 AM
re: Lucent Retirees Ask Questions Lucent became the worst possible company after being spinned off from AT&T. From day one there were questions about "Dr." Schacht who entered through the back door as he know some people at AT&T. Lucent became very week company after it spent billions of dollars in acquiring useless companies. The employees who tranferred to Lucent did not work very hard. They started to lead a retired life. Over the years. Lucent became a very political organization. It had employees who could not do the simplest of simple talks.

Now the Lucent stock has fallen from $79.00 dollars to $1.50. Lucent has joined the ranks of companies like Xeros, Novel and 3Com that are not profitables, but the upper management contiues to enjoy very high salaries.
puzzled 12/5/2012 | 12:09:46 AM
re: Lucent Retirees Ask Questions Sigh... Sync your brain with reality BobbyMax. Ascend was a good company until LU bought them. Customer focused, products seemed well engineered and sold quite well. I've read they had a very high turnover per head too ($1M+/yr). Fact that Cisco never could touch Ascend in the carrier access space gives them the benefit of the doubt in my book. It ended after the Ascendians left or were fired by the hundreds ("foreign" success is threatening to LU/ATT people), their revenue generating products got canned and the LU/ATT execs rode in in their high horses to claim the burning ashes. None of these LU/ATT people had/has a clue what to do in the data/convergence space. No carrier in its right mind should continue to deal with them other than to reach a predetermined ROI and paybacktime of purchased equipment and follow the steps in its LU exit strategy.
st0 12/5/2012 | 12:09:43 AM
re: Lucent Retirees Ask Questions MA has two official purpose: (1) take over the market share and (2) take over the technology and the un-official one, and the one actually was the main purpose of the MA: take over the CASH (see any of company got brought by the large company short of cash?).
Many of the MA in the bubble zone was done in a heat of competition to expand. The company does know well when they did the MA (key personnel need to sign on for 18 month... for example). But after the MA, who ever did the evaluation would move on biger and better deal. Heard about one team did visit 7 companies and "A" the 3 in a year! Many MA did account all the "value", such as new products, inventory, cash, etc. etc. what ever you can find on the "book" (even patents). However, got little or no knowledge what the people in the "new division" actually do or IP value of the collective team. The "mother" company usually want to excise the power over the new division and showing little or no respect to the new partner ("Let them know who is the boss!"). A lot of key personnel do not have a role to play in the new company and eventually just sit and wait for the 18 month to expire (until they handed in the resignation letter after 18 month..."how the heck you let xyz go!"). It is such a sad and waste of top notch researchers' life.... It is not only LU's problem, it is very very wide spread over the corp in the bubble time...
Hopefully, this will never happen again in the future.

porn starr 12/5/2012 | 12:09:37 AM
re: Lucent Retirees Ask Questions Lucent will survive in some form, because the major telco and wireless networks in this country depend on their equipment. But even after the layoffs, it still has too many products, and too many company men who haven't had an independent thought in 20 years.
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